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The Peer Mentor Program provides students with an opportunity to learn and to build meaningful relationships that support their academic success. Mentoring your peers can help you develop interpersonal and leadership skills. With the Peer Mentor Program, you will develop self-awareness and multicultural competence as well.

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How Can I Benefit from Being a Peer Mentor?

Get a fun and meaningful job where you get paid to help others in a college setting. Build strong relationships with an amazing student staff.
Network with other peers, faculty, and staff through training, presentations, and more. Learn more about the ins and outs of Weber and how to navigate the systems, procedures, and resources.
Develop leadership, communication, facilitation, organization, and other transferrable skills. Gain different levels of certification through the College Reading and Learning Association and the Certified Peer Educator training.
Grow as a person as you learn about yourself and others. Know the satisfaction of having done something awesome!

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What Our Mentors Say:

peer mentors in group"The Peer Mentor Program is a great place to find a home and find belonging in college!" ~Erin


"I feel more connected to Weber State University as a whole and just more involved than I have been prior to joining the program." ~Kole


"Being a Mentor solidifies who you can become as a person and how resilient and able you are." ~Maria


"I love encouraging the mentee's to succeed and being able to feel safe to talk to me." ~Priscilla


" ""The benefits of being a mentor lie in the progress that your mentees make. It promotes a spirit of pride and joy within you that you just can’t replicate." ~Shawn


"Through these benefits we are strengthening the college community and inspiring peers to help one another whenever it is needed." ~Melanie


"The thing I love about being a mentor is that I get to interact and connect with all
different types of people on campus and make a difference in their lives." ~Isabela




peer mentors sitting in front of W rock"When I became a mentor, it gave me the encouragement to start seeking out and finding out about resources on campus, because I wanted to be able to help my mentee." ~Bessie


"The connections that we build together and the experiences we share, the friendship that we cultivate alongside the personal growth that comes from being a part of the program are all some of the best things about being a Peer Mentor here at Weber State." ~Serena


"Because of the Peer Mentoring role, I have been able to explore so much about myself and grow into a well rounded person and student." ~Alyssa