Acting on Behalf of a Student

Although Weber State’s Enrollment Services prefers to interact with students directly, if that is not possible, advisors and enrollment services specialist can speak to parents about a select amount of information regarding their student's record.

This is only possible if the student has given us consent to do so. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, students must fill out a FERPA release consent form that allows us to release their personal student information to a third party.

It is important that this is filled out BEFORE speaking with a Weber State representative about your student's record.

Typical Topics

Once the FERPA release form has been filled out by the student, advisors and enrollment services specialists can assist parents with the following:

  • Course selection for their student
  • Transfer questions regarding their student
  • Review of the student’s general education courses, via CatTracks
  • General registration questions
  • Assist with department referrals

Preparing for your Parental Advising Appointment

If your student has been admitted to the Weber State University and has filled out the FERPA release, Enrollment Services will have access to the student's record. Please bring your questions and any other information you think would be helpful to Enrollment Services:

Advisors and enrollment services specialists will do their best to assist parents in helping their student succeed; however, parents should be aware that there may be limits to what information can be shared. It is advisable for the student to make an appointment with their advisor upon their return to the Weber State University.

Parents' Rights Under FERPA

What rights does a parent have once a student attends college?

Upon matriculation (1st day of the students admitted semester) at Weber State University, all rights to information transfer to the student.

When may a parent access a student's educational records?

FERPA allows parental access if the student is claimed as a dependent for Federal income tax purposes.  To receive access, the parent must provide documentation (appropriate tax form with child's name listed as dependent) at the point of service.

Parents providing documentation of dependency may access student information but cannot act on the student's behalf except in cases of emergencies.

Can a parent access student information when the student is not a dependent?

The parent can only have access if the student is willing to release the information.

Students must complete the 'FERPA Release Form' and provide a signed copy to the parent.  The parent is then required to give the passcode and present photo ID.

Anyone presenting a FERPA Release Form can act on the student's behalf according to the permissions granted on the form.