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Completing Your Math Requirement

To begin working toward completing your Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement for your major, which is a math course requirement, you'll need to select the appropriate course. This information explains how to do that. You should still meet with your advisor

Step 1: Identify your placement level

Your math placement level reflects your readiness to succeed in a given math class. You will find your placement level in CatTracks. If you can’t find your math placement level in CatTracks, send your W number to and request it.

Your placement level is shown in CatTracks next to "Math Placement":

Catracks Example

Step 2: Find the QL course needed for your major


To determine your first math course, you must find the appropriate math QL course required for your major. All majors have at least one QL course that students must pass. Some majors may designate multiple courses and students can complete any one.   

Find your math QL class by:

Step 3: Find your math pathway


There are five math pathways leading to different QL classes. The QL class identified in a pathway may also be a prerequisite for additional math requirements in the major.

To determine which math path is right for you, look at the QL course you identified in step 2.

The QL course(s) identified with each pathway:

  • Quantitative Reasoning Pathway: MATH 1030 (QL), MATH 1035 (QL), or MATH 1036 (QL)
  • STEM Pathway MATH 1050 (QL), MATH 1060 (QL), or MATH 1080 (QL)
  • Business Pathway: MATH 1050 (QL) or MATH 1090 (QL) 
  • Statistics Pathway: MATH 1040 (QL) or MATH 1120 (QL)
  • Education Pathway: MATH 2010, MATH 2015, and MATH 2020 (QL)

See it laid out visually with the math path PDF:

Infographic: Find Your Math Path


Step 4: Determine which math course to enroll in


Keeping in mind your placement level from step 1, the QL math course you've identified as required for your major from step 2, and which of the five math pathways you should follow in step 3, determine which QL course you should enroll in first. 

Math Placement Levels & Corresponding QL Courses