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Completing Your English Requirement

To begin working toward completing your Composition requirement, you'll need to select the appropriate English course. This information explains how to do that. You should still meet with your advisor

Step 1: Identify your English placement

Your placement level reflects your readiness to succeed in a given English class and is based on your ACT or SAT English and/or reading scores. If you did not take the ACT in the past 60 months or you want to challenge your automatic placement, take the ACCUPLACER test to find your placement.

More Information About English Placement

You will find your placement level on CatTracks. If you can’t find your placement level on CatTracks, send your W number to and request it.

Your placement level is shown in CatTracks next to "English Placement":

Catracks Example

Step 2: Find your first ENGL course

Depending on your ACCUPLACER score or ACT/SAT score, you may have multiple options. You should discuss options with your advisor or review all the courses on the Composition website to determine which course is best for you.

Step 3: Plan your pathway


Visit Your English Path for more information.