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The Department of Physics at Weber State University offers a number of academic scholarships and fellowships on a competitive basis to qualifying students who are formally declared as Physics, Applied Physics, or Physics Teaching majors. Many of these awards are supported through generous donations from friends of the Department and are designed to assist students in the pursuit of their educational goals. 

Click Here to Apply, due March 25, 2022  

Jim Bateman Scholarship

Mr. Jim Bateman, a friend of Weber State University and the College of Science, established this scholarship in 1996 to support a full-time sophomore, junior, or senior.

Dr. J. Ronald and Cheryl M. Galli Scholarship

Dr. Galli has been a member of the Physics Department since 1963 and has served as its Chair on two occasions: 1964-1970 and 1983-1994. From 1994 to 2003, Dr. Galli served as Dean of the College of Science. Normally this scholarship will be awarded for a period of two years. The student should be a declared physics major and preferably a sophomore at the time of application (juniors may also apply).

H. Paul Huish Scholarship

H. Paul Huish was a Professor of Physics and served as Chair of the Division of Math and Physical Science from 1963-1968. This scholarship was established in 1984, following his death in 1983, and it is maintained in his honor by his daughters, Julie Ann Nielsen and Paula H. Maki. Recipients of this scholarship should normally have junior or senior class standing during the year of the award, although exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances.

Dominion Energy Scholarship

Dominion Energy has kindly donated funds to support academic programs within the College of Science. The Department of Physics is fortunate to have the opportunity to award scholarships to deserving students who will be juniors or seniors during the year of the award. Exceptions regarding class standing may be made in unusual circumstances.

Mary Margaret Clarke Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1993 by Dr. Robert A. and Margaret D. Clarke in honor of their daughter, Mary Margaret, who died along with other students and their debate coach in an automobile accident in 1966. When Margaret Clarke died in 1999, Dr. Clarke and family friends further enhanced the scholarship fund in Margaret’s honor. The late Dr. Clarke was a Professor of Physics and a long-time administrator at Weber College and Weber State College, including serving as Dean of the Faculty and as Administrative Vice President. The Mary Margaret Clarke Scholarship is specifically focused on supporting students with demonstrated potential in physics who will have freshman or sophomore class standing during the year of the award (exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances). Normally Physics 2220 should be completed by the time the award goes into effect.

Planetarium Activities Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded to a student interested in participating in activities associated with the Department’s planetarium. Activities may include presenting planetarium programs to school and community groups, making modifications to existing planetarium shows, learning to use telescopes and help conduct public star parties, and presenting hands-on physics demonstrations to school children. The award recipient is required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50, be a full-time student during the period when the fellowship is in effect, and work an average of ten hours per week under the direction of the Ott Planetarium director.

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