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Career Links

Weber State University Career Services can provide valuable help to WSU students and graduates who are looking for jobs. Career Services can also assist in resume writing and effective interviewing, as well as providing information related to many out-of-state and in-state companies. Please contact Greg Nielsen (Career Counselor and Employment Advisor; SC 230; 626-6394) for further information.

Graduate School Information

There are ample opportunities for graduating seniors to continue their education in graduate work and advanced research in physics. Many departments around the nation offer graduate work leading to Ph.D. and master's degrees in physics or related fields. In recent years, about 50 percent of our graduating physics majors have opted for graduate school.

Many graduate students are supported through teaching assistantships and tuition scholarships. However, to be eligible for these benefits, students are required to apply as early as December or early January of their senior year. In addition they are generally required to take both the general and physics sections of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

To help our physics majors prepare for the GRE, study guides and books are provided in the Physics Majors room. Students planning to apply to graduate programs are encouraged to take the GRE as early as fall (the exam is offered in October and December), and start sending requests for application forms in early fall. The Department of Physics receives information describing many graduate schools, including various areas of research at each school. This information is posted on a departmental bulletin board.

For more information on the GRE, explore the pages at Graduate Record Exams.

As an aid in looking for graduate schools, the American Institute of Physics has developed a useful search tool at Be sure to check it out!

Job Information

The American Institute of Physics keeps a great deal of statistical information about physics careers, physics employers, etc.

Useful places to find job advertisements include:

•    Physics Today 
•    The bulletin board in the Physics Majors Room (Tracy Hall Bldg, Room 360)  
•    Department of Workforce Services -  Local Jobs

The Department of Physics can provide more information related to job opportunities. Please email us at

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