Dance Scholarship Audition Dates for 2021-2022 Academic Year

COVID-19 Update:
Applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be submitted VIRTUALLY.

Please upload your audition materials to YouTube, or your personal website AND include links to your work in the application form below. We are excited to dance and create with you.

This audition isn't required for acceptance into a WSU Dance major, but it is required to be considered for any amount of tuition support from Dance. 

  All applications must be submitted by March 29, 2021.  

Due date extended to April 19, process simplified!

Dance scholarship auditions are open to all students, majors, and non-majors. 

This audition is intended for students who are NEW to Weber State Dance.
If you are a returning student, please contact a dance faculty member. 

To be eligible for a scholarship, all students must complete their profile (scholarship application) each year on their student portal.

Audition Process

1. Complete your profile (scholarship application) on your student portal. If you have not yet applied for admission to Weber State University, you will need to do that as well at

2. Record yourself performing ONE (1) of the audition phrases from Section 1 (your choice!) and EITHER the improvisation prompt or dance solo prompt from Section 2.

These videos DO NOT need to be professionally shot and we encourage you to film your audition pieces in any space you have available to you, whether that is your home, your yard, a studio you have access to, or anywhere you have space to move. Phone recorded video is fine. 

3. Once you have recorded your TWO (2) audition prompts, upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, or your personal website. Videos uploaded to social media sites, such as Facebook or Instagram, will NOT be accepted. 

4. Fill out the form below with your information and links to your two (2) audition prompts. Make sure the videos are accessible to someone who clicks the link and not blocked by privacy settings. Your form must be submitted by April 19, 2021.

Audition Prompts

Section 1 - Choose and perform either Audition Phrase I OR Audition Phrase II

1. Audition Phrase I - Juan Carlos Claudio

For this phrase, please watch the instruction provided by Juan Carlos Claudio, WSU adjunct professor of dance. Then, film yourself dancing to the phrase as taught and provide a link to your work.

2. Audition Phrase II - jo Blake

For this phrase, please watch the instruction provided by jo Blake, WSU assistant professor of dance. Then, film yourself dancing to the phrase as taught and provide a link to your work.


Section 2 - Submit a video of either a solo or an improvisation

3. One (1) to two (2) minute video of you dancing solo

This should be in a style you are already familiar with. It can be a video recorded fresh for this audition or something that was filmed earlier this year. If you use footage from a previous performance, make sure it is clear to the viewer who the dancer is and that your dancing is prominently displayed.

Please include a brief description of the theme and the name of the choreographer of the piece.

4. Improvisation

Create a one (1) to two (2) minute video of you improvising on the theme of "opposite." Choose one of the three words below, and dance to that quality or idea – during the improvisation, at some point, you also must explore the opposite of the word you choose. The opposite is open to interpretation – it's what you feel is "opposite."

• Sustained
• Enclosed
• Frenzied 


Students interested in our Dance Performance major, please email Erik Stern at
Students interested in our Dance Education major, please email Amanda Sowerby at or jo Blake at