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Sound Production/Recording

Our hands-on, project-oriented courses address the technique, philosophy and artistry of sound production and recording. Students will learn the principles of recording in both the analog and digital domains, receive training on ProTools (the industry standard recording software), study the history of recording and prepare a capstone project.

  • All majors are welcome (pending an interview process).
  • Courses are held in the fully-equipped Department of Performing Arts Technology Lab and recording studio.


All courses used toward the major/minor require a grade of C or better

Associate of Science (AS)

The Associate of Science in Sound Production/Recording is a specialized two-year degree which offers students practical knowledge, training, and experience in a variety of production, recording, and performance applications. You will learn the skills you need to start a successful career in sound production.

The degree consists of a minimum of 37 credits of General Education classes and 23 hours of required sound technology courses.

 Minor / Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS)

Incorporating the sound production/recording minor into your studies is a great way to get a leg up in any entertainment-related field. Or, earn a bachelor's degree through our integrated studies program and gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

The Minor/BIS consists of 24 credits, 19 of which are required courses and 5 are selected from a choice of electives.


Lindquist College Advisor at 801-626-6631 or by email at

Mark Maxson, Sound Production/Recording Program Director at 801-626-7802 or by email at

Carey Campbell, Program advisor at 801-626-6790