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About Us

We are a 30+ member group that meets quarterly to discuss, assess and plan political engagement programming and events on campus. We strive to meet the needs of our campus through voter education, voter mobilization and in citizenship skills.

To accomplish this, we identify gaps in political engagement efforts, then create and implement an action plan each year to address those needs. Our current action plan covers the 2020 election cycle, and will be updated each year as needed.

While we actively assess political work happening across campus, we largely implement our action plans by partnering with divisions and programs across the university. The bulk of the work is done with students, faculty and staff in mind and is available on campus. Specifically, we focus on the tools of good citizenship, like how to get involved, or how to talk about uncomfortable topics.

We are housed in the Weber State Diversity Office, which coordinates our efforts. Our efforts are connected to the university’s norms and values by placing a premium on political diversity.


We examine and support WSU student political learning and participation in democracy, and strive to foster an atmosphere of mutual concern, goodwill and respect for this campus community.

We accomplish this by:

  • Hosting a political program throughout the year dedicated to student voter education, student voter mobilization and student voter registration.
  • Encouraging individuals at WSU to demonstrate civility and respect the dignity of others.
  • Working for respectful campus engagement in all political activities.

Our Goals

  • We want WSU voter turnout to beat the national average.
  • We collect data on political programming across campus.