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Department of Physician Assistant Medicine 





Estimated total cost of tuition and feeds for the 6-semester program are listed below. Tuition and fees are based on the 2023-2024 academic cycle and are subject to change. 

  • Utah Residents

    Estimated Program Costs 

    • Tuition: $75,000
    • University Fees: $2,640
    • Additional Program Costs*: ~$5,500



  • Non-Utah Residents

    Estimated Program Costs

    • Tuition: $110,000
    • University Fees: $2,640
    • Additional Program Costs*: ~$5,500


    TOTAL PROGRAM COSTS = $118,140

*Additional Program Costs

  • Books/Resources: $4,000 (Entering students are required to have a laptop computer, internet access and a cell phone. Estimated costs for these items are included to qualify these expenses for financial aid purposes. Laptop and smartphone specifications are updated annually. Please check the program Technology Requirements Policy for specific information)
  • Professional Conference Fees: $100
  • Subscriptions: Castlebranch $300
  • Parking: $300
  • Immunizations, Annual TB Test: $200 *Price may vary
  • Diagnostic Equipment: $300
  • Scrubs/Lab Coats: $300

Students are also responsible for expenses associated with housing/living expenses, transportation, parking, health insurance, and professional expenses related to the National Certifying Examination for Physician Assistants. Costs will vary per student. 

REFUNDS: WSU policies and procedures regarding how tuition and fees are refunded can be found on the Bursar's website




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