A Day in The Office

2024 Employee Learning Week: Monday, March 4 - Friday, March 8

This season of work here at Weber includes a lot of change and adapting to new realities. And as we all know, these seasons can create stress, anxiety and a sense of isolation.

This year for Employee Learning Week we're looking for relevant practices to help us at work and help us connect.

Take classes on using your voice, imposter syndrome, and ways to streamline your work.
Hang out by the "water coolers" and give yourself a chance to connect with colleagues - old and new. 

Our goal is to create that special work community office experience - quirks and all.

Welcome to the a Day in The Office.


This year the first 150 people to attend an Employee Learning Week class in-person
will recevie a 16oz Nalgene water bottle. 

ELW Office-themed stickers will be available at water cooler stations through the week and at our Team Trivia/Mocktail event. Collect all seven!

You do not have to have received a water bottle to collect stickers.

Be sure to check out class schedules and water cooler list as well as
grab your Zoom backgrounds below!



ELW Class List & Schedule

ELW Water Coolers

ELW Zoom Backgrounds