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Work at Height & Rescue Training




Train with Ronin Recue and master the art of moving rescue loads horizontally. In this 3 day course, we'll work on: 

Artificial High Directionals

Reeving Systems (incl. English, Norwegian)

Skate Blocks

Hybrid Skate Blocks

Sloping Highlines

Guiding Lines

Forces and Physics at play

Single and two person load options


PREREQUISITES: NFPA Rope Rescue Operations or SPRAT L1 or similar. Contact Ronin Rescue for clarification.

Dates: TBD
Pricing: TBD
Location: Weber State University Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center



Rope Access Level 1 

Our Rope Access Training course, you will learn how to perform rope maneuvers and rescues, as well as how to analyze rope access systems. Peak Rescue certifies according to the U.S.-based, Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). This 5 to 6-day course prepares candidates for SPRAT Level I certification. A successful candidate should be capable of performing a range of rope access tasks.

Dates: TBD
Pricing: TBD
Location: Weber State University Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center


rope training

ropes training

rope training