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Wilderness First Responder

We are excited to host Desert Mountain Medicine for this Hybrid WFR begins with 30 hours of self-paced/instructor-supported online work and is followed by 5 days (50-hrs) in person. The online section is available on Canvas approximately one month before the classroom section begins and consists of reading, case studies, videos, animations and quizzes. The online material must be completed by the start date of the classroom section.  

Upon successful completion participants will receive a WFR, CPR  and Anaphylaxis Wilderness Training (WAT) card all valid for 3 years.

Date: June 27 - July 1, 2022

Start Time: 8 a.m.

Time Commitment: Hybrid - 30 hours of online work followed by 50-hours in person

Location: Weber State University, Ogden Utah

Price: $775 


Instructors: Desert Mountain Medicine 

Transport: No

Equipment Provided: All course equipment will be provided, participants should come prepared to be outside during variable weather.

Topics include:

  • Wilderness wound management,
  • Orthopedic injuries including realigning fractures and reduction of select dislocations
  • Improvised splinting
  • Improvised litters and evacuation techniques
  • Traumatic injuries to the head and chest
  • Acute abdominal emergencies
  • High altitude illnesses
  • Heat illnesses
  • Cold injuries
  • Envenomations
  • And more...

The curriculum for this course heavily favors hands-on, scenario-based practice. 

After taking this course you will be familiar with the most common backcountry problems. You'll have practiced evaluating, treating, and evacuating injured persons in wilderness settings. You will develop a sense for what situations require emergent medical assistance and how to proceed. 


 *For further information please call the Outdoor Program 801-626-6373, or visit Desert Mountain Medicine's registration page.


Wilderness First Aid

We are excited to host Desert Mountain Medicine for this 2 day WFA course is designed for the outdoor enthusiast, camp trip leader, raft guide or land agency field staff who wants more than an urban first aid course provides. The WFA is a great introduction to wilderness medicine and basic life support skills. This training focuses on prevention, assessment and treatment of environmental illnesses, recognizing and stabilizing life threats caused by trauma and calling for a rescue in the event of a wilderness emergency. The WFA includes CPR for adult, child and AED.

Upon successful completion participants will receive a WFA, CPR  and Anaphylaxis Wilderness Training (WAT) card all valid for 2 years.

Date: June 24-25, 2022

Start Time: 8am

Time Commitment: 16 Hours Classroom & Field study 

Location: Weber State University, Ogden Utah

Price: $250 



Registration is required, please register through DMM with the links above and call the WSU Outdoor Program for additional information.

Desert Mountain Medicine's Covid-19 Guidelines: Download PDF

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wilderness first aid

wilderness first aid

wilderness first aid