Technical Training Center Clinics


Learn to Belay

Are you new to climbing, or has it been a minute? This drop-in course is a great refresher! Participants will receive 60 minutes of instruction, which includes an introduction to our facility, bouldering orientation, top rope lesson, including harness fit, figure-eight follow-through knots, and top-rope belay instruction. This course, or completion of a skills test showing proficiency in the above skills, is required prior to climbing on top rope.

Dates: Drop-In

  • Learn to Belay classes are offered every other hour during roped climbing hours (M, W, F 5:oo p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)

Pricing: Free for Students || Included with Community Pass


Learn to Lead

Are you ready to take the next step in your climbing experience? Our Learn to Lead clinic is just for you! Participants will meet two days for two hours each time (Tuesday & Thursday) with an instructor. You'll learn the fundamentals of technical lead skills including gear inspections, clipping, and belaying. For inquiries reach out to

Dates: TBD
Pricing: WSU $30 || Non-WSU $50



Learn to Rappel

Free rappel clinics in our inaugural semester at the new building! 

Dates: June 11, 2022 || August 6, 2022
Pricing:  WSU $10.50 || Public $15

Time: 2-4pm


*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic


Gym to Crag 101

Ready to get back outside? We will cover basic sport anchor systems, anchor cleaning and crag etiquette while the rocks are being warmed up in the summer sun. 

Dates: July 16, 2022 8am-1pm
Pricing: WSU Student $20 || WSU Faculty/Staff: 28 || Public $40


*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic


Rappel Level 2

Hone your skills! Come practice with a variety of equipment and techniques to add to your toolbelt. Participants must have some rappelling experience. Prerequisites: must have either completed a learn to Rappel clinic with us OR have some basic rappelling experience. If you are brand new - check out our Learn to Rappel clinics! 

Dates:  Augist 13, 2022
Pricing: WSU $10.50 || Non-WSU $15
Time: 2-5 pm

*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic


Adaptive Climbing

This clinic will be focused on the usage of equipment and practices of adaptations for limited mobility. We will be using a variety of specialized gear and assistive practices including seat and chest harnesses, mechanical advantage pulley system assistance, assistive grip devices, and more. Equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own! All are welcome. 

Dates: TBD - at OCF 15!!
Pricing: FREE
Time: TBD


*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic


Rope Access Basics

What is Rope Access? What equipment is used? What careers integrate these skills? This clinic brings an overview of Rope Access-specific equipment, basic setup, and baseline ascending and descending. For inquiries, reach out to . 

Dates: TBD
Pricing: TBD
Time: TBD


*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic


Rock Climbing Instructor Skills

For this clinic, we will be practicing base-managed skills of belay take-overs and pick-offs, as well as some top-managed 3:1 systems.

Registrants should have a climbing background, but do not need to be familiar with the mentioned skills! 

Dates: TBD
Pricing: FREE


*Registration closes 48 hours prior to each clinic

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