Bloomington Canyon Yurt

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Reserve Yurt: Winter 2019-20 

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  • Call the Outdoor Program to reserve an open date starting Nov4: 801-626-6373

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* Yurt Critical Updates *

  • Yurt checkout time is 10:00a.m. Please have your group cleaned up and exiting by 10:00a.m.. 
  • Please report broken or damaged yurt items to 801-626-7354 as these damages compromise other renters expereinces.
  • Please do not rent the Yurt if you do not have significant winter backcountry travel experience. (Join us on one of our program trips)
  • Please avoid chasing deer, elk, and moose on the trail, follow at a safe distance until it appears safe to pass. 
  • It is advised to always have a pair of skis or snowshoes on your snowmobile at all times. This will facilitate an easier exit in the event that your sled fails.  
  • Renters please split your own fire wood, and leave enough for the next group to get started. Please be sparing on the wood.
  • Do Not leave leftover food a the yurt.  
  • All snowmobiles must be registered in Idaho. 

yurtThe WSU Outdoor Program is proud to offer the Bloomington Canyon Yurt in beautiful Bear Lake Idaho. The yurt rental program is available to WSU students and the general public.

Renting the yurt requires, route finding, experience in backcountry travel, and the ability to read a map and or GPS. The Bloomington Canyon Yurt opens up some of the best ski and snowmobile terrain Idaho has to offer.

The Mongolian-style Yurt is outfitted with:

  • wooden floor
  • wood burning stove
  • kitchen (Assortment of pots, pans and utensils)
  • bunks for up to 12 
  • see all amenities below

The Yurt is located in Bloomington Canyon. The trail head is approximately 108 miles from the Weber State University Campus.


How to use the Bloomington Canyon Yurt

About the Yurt

  • Location: Bloomington Canyon, Idaho
  • Altitude: 7619
  • Distance To Yurt From Trail Head: 7mi
  • Elevation Change: 1600
  • Occupancy Max: 14
  • Cost per night:  $250 (30% discount with Active Wildcard and W#) 

Important Information


  • The Yurt floor has a new coat of Poly Urethane on the floor. The Floor is very slippery in wet boots. Please use caution!
  • Bloomington canyon is a multi use recreation destination. Bloomington canyon can see heavy snowmobile traffic during the winter months, please travel to the side of the groomed trail and be cautious. Skiers may be able to hear the snowmobiles long before the snowmobiles will be able to see skiers. Skiers please take precautions. 
  • Snowmobilers, Idaho requires all snowmobiles to have an Idaho registration sticker, available at select UT retailers. Please designate Bear Lake County (Option 4) for your support fees. Idaho Registration stickers are also available at the Sinclair Station in Paris Idaho, 209 S. Main St. Paris, ID 83261. (208) 945-2292 (Station is located one mile past Bloomington Canyon Rd heading north)
  • Trail can be difficult to find during winter months. Your group must be able to read a map and or use a GPS. Please download the Yurt Map, and familiarize your self with reading a topo map.
  • Group must be sufficiently prepared to stay out in the elements for a minimum of one night in a worst case scenario, do not underestimate the 7.3mile 1600ft vertical skin to the yurt. Plan ahead and be prepared.
  • Groups should plan to depart from the trail head no later than 9am in order to arrive safely at the yurt before dark.
  • Yurt checkout time is 10:00a.m. Please be sure your group is cleaned up and exiting the yurt by 10:00a.m. 
  • Groups should be knowledgeable and experienced winter backcountry travelers.  


There is no avalanche terrain on approach or threatening the yurt. However, terrain surrounding the yurt can produce avalanches. Take an avalanche course from the WSU Outdoor Program. 


  • yurt2 bunks with 3" pads (each bunk-bed sleeps 4)
  • 2 fold out beds with 3" pads (each fold-out sleeps 2)
  • 1 Cot
  • Wood burning stove 
  • 10 Buckets, Food Storage/ Chairs
  • LP gas cook stove 
  • Full complement of pots pans and dishes for cooking, eating and drinking 
  • Coffee pour-over cone - takes size 6 filters
  • Solar Powered lights 
  • Shallow Pit Toilet 
  • Wood, wood shed is full (split what you burn) 


Weather/Snow Station

  • yurt weather station Elevation: 7600'
  • Please do not enter the snow study site
  • Delicate snow data is being collected that help in Avalanche Forecasting

Bloomington Yurt Conditions

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Recommended Equipment

outside yurt

  • 0 deg. sleeping bag
  • Headlamp and additional lantern (Solar lights are not always reliable, they depend on the sun!)
  • Food 
  • Extra clothes 
  • Avalanche beacon
  • Extra Batteries
  • Shovel 
  • Probe 
  • Skis/ Snowboard 
  • Skins 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen

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