Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the Orientation Online Modules? 

  • Fall admits get access on March 1 
  • Spring admits get access on Sept. 1 
  • Summer admits get access on Feb. 1 

How do I sign up for a Weber Welcome Advising & Registration Event?

You will find the link to RSVP for a Weber Welcome event in the fourth/last online module, they are offered a few times during the summer and academic year. If you have limited internet access, please contact the orientation office and we can register you for an in-person event and you can come at 8 a.m. to complete the modules on campus prior to our official start to Weber Welcome.

Is New Student Orientation in person? 

We offer both in-person and virtual options for students to attend based on their location, preferences and needs. 

Am I required to complete both the Orientation Online Modules and a Weber Welcome Advising & Registration Event? 

  • All new, first-time students (including Early College) based on their program of study are required to complete both the online modules and Weber Welcome. 
  • Transfer students and International students are required to complete the New Student Orientation Online Modules. 
  • Non-degree seeking, post-baccalaureate, Continuing Education, and Concurrent/Dual Enrollment students are not required to complete either but are encouraged to do both! 

What fulfills the New Student Orientation requirement? 

  1. All Four New Student Orientation Online Modules 
  2. Weber Welcome 

Is there a cost associated with New Student Orientation? 

No. All aspects of Orientation are free! 

How long is New Student Orientation?

The four Orientation Online Modules take about 90 minutes to complete. In-person Weber Welcome Advising & Registration Event is an all-day event (but worth it!). Virtual Weber Welcome and College Registration Labs will run between 2-3 hours, and these will not provide the same amount of information provided in the in-person events.

I don’t live in Utah and won’t be there until school starts. What do I do?

You should complete the four Orientation Online Modules. Find the event that will work for your schedule. Please note that you won’t be able to register for classes until you attend a Weber Welcome Advising & Registration Event, so the virtual event may work better for you.

I went to school a few years ago and am coming back. Do I need orientation?

It is not required for you, however, you may want to review the four Orientation Online Modules and you would benefit from meeting with your academic advisor.

How can Early College students complete the requirement?

Early College students will complete the modules and meet with their Early College advisors. If you need to find out your advisor, email

Do Early College students have to repeat New Student Orientation if they continue at Weber State for a bachelor's degree?

Early College students do not need to repeat New Student Orientation requirements when they continue at Weber State for a bachelor's degree. However, students are encouraged to attend Weber Welcome and/or meet with their program of study advisor.

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