Life expectancy is 10-years less in the East Central Neighborhood as compared to the rest of Weber County; and 23% of the residents are on Medicaid with 15% on disability. Food stamps are being utilized by 30% of the residents and opioid deaths are 2.5x higher in this neighborhood. The Health committee is actively working with our anchoring institutions to provide healthy and accessible opportunities to the neighborhood. This includes: park renovations, education on opioid misuse and abuse prevention, access to better food, and a community health assessments.


Quality of life and health are accessible to all and life expectancy increases. 

OgdenCAN Health Committees

Healthy Lifestyle
Focused on access to healthy foods and activities, and healthy weight maintenance

Addiction Prevention and Recovery
Focused on zero opioid and substance abuse related deaths


Jesse Bush, Health Co-Chair
Weber-Morgan Health Department
Director of Health Promotion

Nicki Bray, Health Co-Chair
Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership
Circles Coordinator