Beginning in 2014 the City of Ogden dedicated $1 million per year for five years to address the housing needs in this area. There are 6,438 housing unites with 32% owner-occupied, 55% renter-occupied and 14% other (vacant, for sale or for rent). A total of 49% of the homes were built before 1940. The Housing committee is seeking to address and advocate for all East Central community members and to do such has broken out into four subcommittees: housing advocacy, substandard housing improvement, marketing and education, and innovative projects facilitation. Each area address a need in the community and together they have already had success by providing a housing needs assessment plan, a strategy to support the intergenerational poverty families initiative, and establishing future collaborations to promote diversity and identify potential development.


Our housing initiative is designed to remove barriers, create opportunities, and align all available resources. The East Central Neighborhood is an inclusive and desirable place to live, and all residents should have a place to call home.

Central Focuses

Length of Residency Increase the length of residency in the East Central Neighborhood.

Funding Projects Identify and prioritize feasible and fundable projects.

Resource Development Create, identify and develop resource development opportunities that are sustainable.

Asset-based Branding Further develop asset-based branding focused on the East Central Neighborhood through story sharing. 

OgdenCAN Housing Committees

Housing Advocacy 
Focused on addressing housing gaps

Substandard Housing Improvement
Focused on addressing substandard housing conditions

Marketing and Education
Focused on creating pride of place

Innovation Projects Facilitation
Focused on enhancing the vibrancy and sustainability of the neighborhood


Jennifer Bodine / Housing Co-Chair
Sustainability Manager, Weber State University

Michela Harris / Housing Co-Chair
Environmental Health Director, Weber-Morgan Health Department