When OgdenCAN first came together in 2016 residents weighed in on what mattered most to them, three priorities emerged: HealthHousing and Education.

Today OgdenCAN is planning a series of initiatives with a 3 to 5-year time horizon. These projects will zap the roots of problems while planting seeds to help the neighborhood flourish long-term.


The East Central Neighborhood’s boundaries are between 21st and 30th streets, Washington and Harrison Boulevards. This vibrant and diverse community is filled with colorful architecture and a rich history, yet it has slowly declined over time.

Today, there are dozens of occupied homes that do not have running water; a staggering 70% percent of residents do not make enough to get by without some kind of assistance; and life expectancy is 10-years less in the East Central Neighborhood compared to the rest of Weber County.

While there are certainly other pockets of need within the community, this Neighborhood is strategic because of its proximity to downtown and its many cultural assets. The city center cannot reach its potential while the adjoining Neighborhood struggles, and at the same time the East Central Neighborhood can benefit from momentum already built downtown. It makes sense to start here with BOLD change.