Project Advisors

This Geospatial Program was made possible with generous support and guidance from the GeoTech Center at Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky, and from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington D.C.  It is part of an NSF Grant (DUE-1304888) held by professors Ewert and Hernandez at Weber State University.

The program is also ably guided and counseled by a generous Advisory Board:

Wing Cheung, Associate Professor of Geography and GIS, Palomar College, California;

Bert Granberg, Director, Utah AGRC, Automated Geographic Reference Center;

Kasey Hansen, GIS Services Director, Gateway Mapping, Inc., Utah;

Josh Jones, Senior Project Coordinator GIS, Ogden City Corp, Utah;

Jim Quarles, Weber County Utah GIS Division Administrator, Weber County GIS;

Teresa Rhoades, Regional GIS Program Manager, USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Region, Utah;

Esther Worker, Education Manager, Intermountain West (Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico), ESRI - Broomfield, Colorado office;

John Ziakas, Sr. GIS Business Consultant, Questar Gas Company, Utah.

The program has also benefitted greatly in review and evaluation by Mary E. Seigrist, owner, IMSA Consulting in Denver, Colorado.