The Induction Process

As a member of the NSLS, your learning starts with our five-step leadership development program. This program usually takes approximately 8-12 hours spread over the course of a semester.

1. Orientation: The first meeting that occurs each semester, this serves as a chance to meet other members, learn the steps you need to take to complete the program, and review the schedule of events for the semester. 
2. Leadership Training Day: An interactive video training session with a workbook designed to help you identify and overcome any obstacles that may interfere with obtaining your goals. This event will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses as you develop SMART goals.
3. Three speaker broadcast events: Speaker Broadcasts are where you get to learn from business leaders, celebrities, activists, best-selling authors, and more. Hosted live six times per year, topics include leadership fundamentals, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and successfully transitioning from college to career. Broadcasts are recorded and available for rewatch throughout the semester.
4. Three Success Networking Team meetings: Groups of members will be formed to meet together bi-weekly under the direction of a facilitator. These groups will focus on gaining insights and perspectives in an environment that enables you to fast-track success. In these meetings, you will have a network to help you achieve your goals, hold each other accountable by  setting timelines and expectations, and reflect on your work by keeping a journal of your progress.
5. Three service hours: Perform three hours of public service in NSLS service projects or through another source approved by the community service chair.

After completing this five-step program, you will be inducted into the NSLS to continue learning and developing leadership.



Congratulations Spring 2024 Inductees!