Paid Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities 2020


Paid Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities in Neuroscience (and other life sciences) 2020


Compiled by C. Aizenman, Neuroscience @ Brown


1. Columbia University STAR-U, NY - Summer of Translational Aging Research for Undergraduates, 10 Week Program:


2. University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center (FCVC):

Ten week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) focused on cardiovascular research:


3. Directory of Research Experiences for Undergraduates,

funded by the National Science Foundation (different locations, topics, search by keyword e.g. Neuroscience on the search window):


Here are the Biology ones, many have Neuroscience Emphasis:


4. NIH Summer Internship Programs: Variety of sub-programs, at the various NIH institutes


5. Leadership Alliance, summer research at many partner institutions:


6. WUSTL ENDURE: Washington University St. Louis summer neuroscience


7. Undergraduate Research Program at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Many options of labs, several of them neuroscience.


8. HHMI Undergraduate Scholars Program: Neuroscience research at the Janelia campus. Only for advanced undergraduates:


9. SPUR Programs at UCLA: Various sub programs focusing on various topics, usually 10 weeks summer

General listing:

Brain specific one:


10. BDBS Summer Program at Tufts:


11. Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology: Rutgers university, 10 weeks, summer.


12. Four Directions Summer Research Program, at Harvard Medical School:

Summer research experience with a focus on Native American undergraduates.


13. Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia Research Institute Summer Scholars Program (@CRISSP_CHOP: Well structured, paid research internship.


14. UPenn Summer Undergraduate Internship Program:

designed to provide an intense research experience to students interested in graduate study in the biomedical sciences.


15. SURE at University at Buffalo: Intended for students thinking about PhD program, not for premeds.


16. CLIMB UP at University at Buffalo: Career development and summer research tailored to each student.


17. SNIP at University of Florida: The Summer Neuroscience Internship Program

aims to support college students from diverse backgrounds who seek to pursue doctoral (Ph.D.) training

in neuroscience and prepare for rewarding careers in biomedical research, education and enterprise.


18. MIT Summer Research Program - for undergrads looking for careers in STEM.


19. Jackson Labs, summer program on genetics and genomics. Bar Harbor and Farmington campuses:


And last but not Least, here’s another two huge databases of paid science summer internships and co-ops:

This one has a focus on underrepresented groups, on many different topics:

Another very large and fully searchable database, useful for looking for opportunities open to international students: