Neuroscience Club

The WSU Neuroscience club is a great experience for students interested in learning about the brain and meeting new people.  Throughout the semester the club will have events such as opening socials, tailgating parties, as well as more serious meetings concerning academic events and opportunities.

Each year over spring break is the nationally recognized Brain Awareness Week. Students in the club go out into the community to teach local schools about how the brain works and why it's so important to keep healthy.

If you are interested in joining neuroscience club don't hesitate to join!  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask any of our club officers or go straight to the program secretary Roe:



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Instagram - @wsuneuro

Twitter - @weber_neuro



Contact Sarah Honeycutt ( for more information


Please check back for upcoming events!

Club Officers 2019/2020
Sarah Honeycutt

Vice President: 
Clarissa Marston

Megan Dewey

Brain Awareness Week Coordinator:
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