Brain Awareness Week Donors

Businesses that would like to support Brain Awareness Week and our outreach to local schools and children can do so easily online with a card! If you would like to contact the program Director, Dr. Todd Hillhouse, you may do so at If you would like to pay by check or cash you may do so by contacting Dr. Hillhouse and arranging for one of the student coordinators to reach out to you.

Donors will be able to get their business' name on the back of our Brain Awareness Week shirts. Sizing of the name depends on the amount donated. Smaller font will be used for $50 donations, middle $200, or largest font for $500. Donations of $1,000 or more will automatically qualify your business for the Weber State University President's Society. Membership in the society provides you with the opportunity to connect with other benefactors and attend special events with WSU President Charles Wight. 


To donate online, click this link!

Thank you for your support.