How to Declare Your Minor in Neuroscience

After successfully completing the Intro to Neuroscience Course (NEUR 2050)
with a C or better we encourage you to:

1- Visit the Neuroscience Program website

2- Review the Neuroscience Minor Course Requirements.

3- Review, print, and fill out the Minor Declaration Form & Minor Tracking Record.
        (These 2 documents can be found through links on the left hand side of this webpage)

4- Contact Dr. Aminda O'Hare by email at to make an  advisement appointment. Please make sure to bring your completed Neuroscience documents to the advisement meeting with you.

5- The Neuroscience secretary will declare your Minor in the system & will send you a confirmation email.


  • Please be aware that initial contact, academic advisement, and declaration of minor could take up to 3 weeks in Fall and Spring Semesters, and up to 4 weeks for the Summer Semester.  Please email Dr. O'Hare at to schedule an appointment to declare your minor.
  • Cattracks keeps track of the courses you are taking and slots them wherever the software allows it to count, but this is not always accurate.  For example, there are some restrictions on how many requirements can be met by one course.  It is up to YOU to monitor your progress for the Neuroscience Minor and make sure that your courses are only counting where they are supposed to. Please plan to seek advisement on a regular basis if you have any questions!  

Please feel free to contact Dr. O'Hare or the Neuroscience secretary if you have any questions or concerns.

Neuroscience Office

Roe Schoof

Lindquist Hall Room 379