WSU Brain Awareness Week Mission Statement


Brain Awareness Week 2022 

March 7-11 (WSU Spring Break) - Local School Events

March 14-20 (National BAW) - On Campus Events


Brain Awareness Week is part of a global initiative that aims to promote scientific learning and understanding within the community.

The Neuroscience and Psychology programs at Weber State University believe that hands-on learning in the community stimulates critical thinking and allows individuals to make more informed decisions concerning health, wellness, and safety.

Click HERE for a brief video from the Dana Alliance about what Brain Awareness Week is all about.

What Happens During Brain Awareness Week

The topics covered during Brain Awareness Week include: perception, brain structure and function, helmet safety, and the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Some of the fun activities that students get to participate in are sheep brain dissections, in-class brain wave recordings (EEG), experimenting with drunk goggles, and helmet safety exercises.


How Brain Awareness Week Affects the Community

Brain Awareness Week volunteers annually reach over 1,500 children and adolescents ages 3 to 18. Activities are held at many different locations along the Wasatch front. Locations include area K-12 schools and involved organizations such as Ogden Outreach, The YMCA, and The Boys and Girls Club. Weber Students conduct sheep brain dissections and lectures regarding the effects of drug use on the brain, as well as brain safety, how nutrition affects the brain, how we can keep our brain safe, and how we can make our brain work better.

Weber State Students:

Join the Neuroscience Club on March 7th through 11th (Spring Break) to celebrate National Brain Awareness Week! We will visit schools along the Wasatch Front, teach about the brain. We interact with children and youth to share fun brain activities and information. Your help is needed to make this week a success. You can help all week or just for a few hours. Don't know anything about the brain? We will be holding volunteer trainings! Watch for more details!
K-12 Educators:
If you would like to have our WSU Neuroscience Students visit your school during Brain Awareness Week (March 7-11, 2022), please contact Dr. O'Hare