Music Minors & Certificate Programs

Sound Production & Recording Minor

Sound production & recording is the art of capturing and editing music, sound, and dialog. This course of study will prepare students to succeed as music producers, recording technicians, post-production designers or other similar fields. The program emphasizes hands-on learning on state-of-the-art equipment.


Minor in Music Performance

This minor is a course of study for students who desire more intensive performance opportunities while experiencing music courses related to interpretation.

Minor in Music Studies

This program is designed for students who wish to experience a broad survey of music courses while also continuing to be engaged in making music.

Jazz Studies Certificate

This certificate is a course of study for music majors or minors that focuses on all aspects of the performance of jazz music. Students will learn improvisation, arranging, pedagogical practices and performance practices.

Music Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate prepares music students for the complex labor market and economy of the 21st Century. This program teaches students how to market themselves, manage finances, start a business and seek funding for their projects.