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The Ohana Association

TOA & ASIA BLM Statement
As The Ohana Association (TOA) and Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA) at Weber State University, we stand in solidarity with the Black community and those who commit to the fight against racism and injustice. We recognize the impact of pervasive historical systemic oppression, and how it contributes to the racial inequity that continues to happen on an individual, institutional, and societal level. We will not be complacent. Black Lives Matter.

2022 Intercollegiate Showcase April 16 from 6-8 p.m.

Join us in the Shepherd Union Ballrooms for music, food and fun!

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The 2022 Intercollegiate Showcase of Many Islands in a Common Sea offers an exciting showcase for Pacific Islander (PI) students to celebrate the cultural beauties of the Pacific Islands in this student-led event.  In coordinating this major event, PI student leaders in higher education statewide serve as role models to and in collaborative partnership with one another to create a space and forum where all can and will gain a sense of belonging. This is essential in encouraging the importance of providing and making accessible a space where students are able to share their cultural practices and traditions through dance, music, and traditional wear.  In so doing, we strive to promote the importance of making available opportunities to engage and build lasting relationships with various peer institutions across Utah and local Pacific Islander communities, as well as providing learning opportunities for all.   

For more information or to request accommodations in relation to a disability, contact Finau Tauteoli at or Lulu Faumui-Latu-Peters at


TOA Mission

Our goal is to extend, develop, and enhance support systems contributing to the success of all students, with a focused emphasis on the Pacific Islander students, by implementing various efforts and programs which are designed to promote academic, educational, social, and cultural achievement. 

TOA Vision

Weber  State University&rsquo's Pacific Islander Club, The Ohana Association (TOA) is organized to address issues concerning those of Pacific Island backgrounds, educate people about the diverse Pacific heritages and traditions, as well as recruit, retain, and graduate fellow students. TOA officers, members, and advisor make great efforts implementing meaningful programming to increase and improve avenues of communication and interaction between the university and Pacific Islander community, as well as organize cultural and social events to enhance the campus experience and education of WSU with a more focused lens on the universities Pacific Islander constituency. TOA strives to welcome new PI students to Weber State and provide a forum where they can openly express their experiences and thoughts while offering them moral support and peer guidance. Although TOA is primarily comprised of students from the Pacific Islands, they strongly encourage everyone around to participate. TOA pushes to provide a safe space that fosters a sense of belonging and promotes valuable relationships. While enrolled, TOA is a home base for students at WSU to harness and develop a passion to become active ambassadors for Pacific Islander peoples that carry further than the institution and out to a variety of communities and society as a whole.

2021 TOA Meetings

For information on TOA meetings and location please contact:

TOA President- Finau Tauteoli at 

TOA Vice-President- Christy Latai at

Advisor- Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters at or 801-626-7006

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The Ohana Association Advisor



TOA Leadership 2020-21


Lulu S. Faumui-Latu PetersLulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters - TOA Advisor

Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei, and welcome! My name is Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters. I am the advisor for The Ohana Association (TOA) and a retention counselor for the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) here at Weber State University. 

I am a first-generation college graduate.  I received my associates of science degree from Snow College in 2005.  From there I went on to Utah State University where I graduated with my bachelor's in social work, and in 2015 I received my master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah with a concentration in forensics.  I have worked extensively with juveniles in the justice system in various capacities from 2003-2018 when I made a career change from working in juvenile justice to now working in higher education working with all underrepresented students with a focus on Asian and Pacific Islander students. 

I  have enjoyed my work with students in higher education and am even more excited to witness the progression and success in their academic journeys.  I am deeply motivated and compassionate in helping underrepresented students find purpose in their pursuits in higher education as well as helping students find a balance between academics, personal life, financial support, and campus involvement/engagement including implementing resources and support systems to establish the importance of cultural practices, celebrations and raising cultural awareness.

Finau Tautoeoli - TOA PresidentFinau Tauteoli - 2021-22 TOA President

Finau Tauteoli is the 2021-2022 WSU The Ohana Association (TOA) President. She is currently a Junior here at WSU majoring in Accounting with a minor in Finance. As a first-generation student and second oldest to 8 siblings, she strives to be the best example to her siblings, her peers, and most importantly to make her parents proud who are immigrants from the Island of Tonga. She loves to learn new things, serve others, eat good food, and spend time with her family and friends. Despite a rough past year she is excited for the upcoming year and semester.

Stefon Wolfgramm - WSUSA Pacific Islander Student SenatorStefon Wolfgramm - 2021-22 WSUSA Pacific Islander Student Senator

My name is Stefon Wolfgramm, and I am from the Salt Lake area. I come from a family of 9 and am the 2nd to youngest child. I am Tongan. I love to play sports, be active, eat lots of good food, and hang out with my family. I am currently working on my Associates degree for Health Sciences in hopes of getting into the Nursing Program here at Weber State. I am also the Pacific Islander student Senator on the Legislative branch in WSUSA and am here to serve you. As your Pacific Islander Senator, I am here to be your voice for any questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have to the Senate council.

Maya Wolfgramm - TOA TreasurerMaya Wolfgramm - 2021-22 TOA Treasurer

Maya Wolfgramm is Samoan, Tongan, and Filipina. She is very introverted at first, but once you get to know her she's an open book. Her major is Sociology with a minor in Womens and Gender Studies. She aspires to help others during and after this journey. She has faced many challenges throughout her life but nothing will bring her down. As the oldest of three siblings and a first-generation college student, with all the expectations and responsibilities that have been placed on her, this has made her stronger mentally. Learning and taking a hands-on approach in her culture is very important to her. She loves to support and give back to her community in any way possible. She tries to keep herself busy with work, school, family, friends, music, festivals, outdoors, etc. She wishes that this year will be different and better for everyone.

Brooke Moeai - TOA Cultural Affairs SpecialistBrooke Moeai - 2021-22 TOA Cultural Affairs Specialist

Talofa! My name is Brooke Moeai. I am the Cultural Affairs Specialist for WSU The Ohana Association (TOA). I am from Paramount, California and a current student athlete for Weber State University Softball team.

I am a Criminal Justice Major with a minor in family studies. I have two more years left in school and am grateful to have TOA to support me throughout it all. I enjoy long drives and hanging out with friends. I chose Weber State University because of its diverse and safe environment it creates for the students and the community around it. I am very thankful for Lulu and the rest of the TOA club members for allowing me to be a part of something special here. Thankful and Grateful.

luluCallie Oyama - 2021-22 TOA Public Relations Officer

Callie Oyama is TOA’s public relations specialist and is in the process of obtaining her masters degree in professional communication at Weber State University. Callie was born in Hilo, Hawaii, and spent the majority of her life living in her small tight-knit hometown. Her favorite childhood memories include having family barbecues on the beach and fishing with her family. Callie moved to Utah in 2018 to pursue a college education and has come to think of Ogden as her second home.

She enjoys serving her community and is stoked to be working with TOA this year to promote diversity and increase cultural competence within the Weber State student body. During her free time, you can often find Callie playing tennis and writing music. She has been an avid tennis player since middle school and has competed on both high school and collegiate teams. In regards to her passion for music, Callie has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. She plays piano, ukulele, a little bit of guitar and enjoys using musical software programs such as Pro Tools to produce her own music. 


TOA Events 2020-21



WSU The Ohana Association (TOA) is super excited to announce the 2020 Pasifika Youth Talk Series.

These Talk Series are a fun, engaging opportunity for 7th through 12th graders to continue connecting with current Pacific Islander college students and professionals statewide. It's a great way to continue to provide support, information, and resources to you to best support your journey in accessing higher education especially during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and working on a virtual platform. This Series is open and free for any students (7th through 12th grade) to attend. 

Join us for our first workshop of the Series on November 19 from 7-8 pm via Zoom. Student leaders of The Ohana Association are excited to provide helpful tips on "Time Management and Goal Setting". 

Please register at the following link to receive the Zoom link information.

If you have any information or concerns, feel free to contact Finau Tauteoli at or Lulu Faumui-Latu-Peters at

See you in the next Talk Series!!



TOA Student Life



Volunteering and tabling at the All-Poly Football Camp...

...PI Family Night at Granger High School....

....Pacific Islander Heritage Kick Off Event...

...PI Family Night at Granger High School...

TOA Officers 2018-2019 retreat 

...Pasifika Festival in Provo, UT....

....Pacific Islander High School Conference at UofU to name a few

The Ohana Association (TOA)

Serving on several panel discussions sharing experiences and stories as current WSU Pacific Islander college students


Tailgating with BSU to support our WSU Football team

TOA won Registered Organization of the Year at the 2019 Crystal Crest Award Ceremony

The Ohana Association (TOA)

Serving on several panel discussions sharing experiences and stories as current WSU Pacific Islander college students

Brought back and hosted the Inaugural Intercollegiate Showcase of Many Islands in a Common Sea (formerly known as the Intercollegiate Luau) where 7 institutions statewide (including the Pacific Heritage Academy) took pride in showcasing and celebrating the beauty of several Pacific Island cultures through traditional wear, music, and dance at WSU Davis campus

Attending and participating in the “Rights of Nature” - Meet and Greet w/ Kirsti Luke, Chris Finlayson, and Tamati Kruger. Engaging in conversation of sustainability and cultural relevance