Native American Student Association (NASA)

The Native American Student Association (NASA) at Weber State University is a student-run club that organizes activities and events that honor the beauty of Native American cultures. NASA aims to provide quality opportunities through academic and extracurricular experiences that encourage Native student engagement within the university and community.

As Native American scholars attending WSU, NASA honors their heritage and collective voices by sharing their cultural heritage through various programming that aligns with Native American culture, values, and beliefs. It is important for the voices of the Native American scholars at WSU to be heard, appreciated, and respected.


NASA Extracurricular Experiences

The Native American Student Association promotes extracurricular learning that is purposeful and holistic. Activities designed to enhance the awareness and learning of students include:

  • Native Guest Lecturers – Native speakers are invited to WSU to present information and educational topics that will enhance the awareness and learning of students. The interested public is welcome to attend these lectures.

  • Cultural Presentations – Training, workshops, and presentations from the perspective of the Native American culture on topics that pertain to motivation, cultural awareness, and sense of belonging.

  • Cultural Trips – Visits are planned and made to cultural sites to enhance the learning of students about their ethnic identity and history.

Social Media

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Native American Student Association


Spring 2021 - Virtual Club Meeting & Social Hour


Starting January 20, 2021

  • Every other Wednesday | 11 a.m. | Virtual via Zoom | Email for Zoom access
  • Meet fellow Native students/peers/professionals, make new connections, and get engaged with NASA initiatives.


Tashina BarberTashina Barber, Diné (Navajo) - NASA Advisor

Ya’at’eeh. Greetings. Welcome to Weber State University! My name is Tashina Barber, I am a citizen of the Diné nation, I am Tó’áhní ( (Near the Water Clan), born for Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms People). My maternal grandfather is A´shi?i?hi´ (Salt People) and my paternal grandfather is Kinlíchíí’nii (Red House Clan). I am the advisor to the Native American Student Association (NASA) and a Retention Counselor in the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) here at Weber State University.

I received my Associate of Science in Health Information Technology at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. I continued my education and earned dual Bachelor’s degrees here at Weber State University in Health Information Management and Art. I went on to earn my Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs from the University of Utah. My research focuses on Native American students in higher education and the necessity to incorporate retention programs that encourage the cultural values of Native people.

I am proud of the achievement of our Native American students here at Weber State University. I am dedicated to growing on this achievement while being conscious of our mission and values as a Native American community. I am an advocate for diversity, specifically within our Native cultures, as we have many intersections that exist within our identity. I will continue to advocate and put forth my best as a supporter of Native students in years to come.

Amanda JonesAmanda Jones, Diné (Navajo) - Native American Senator & NASA President

Ya’at’eeh, shik’ei doo shidine’e, shi ei Amanda Jones yinishye, Tabaahi nishli, Kinlichiinii Bashishchiin, Bit’ahnii da shicheii, doo Tlaashchi’i dashinali, akwot’ao Dine asdzani nishli. Shima ei Tammy Jones wolye, shizhe’e ei Raymond Jones wolye.

Hello! My name is Amanda Jones, I am Edge Water clan, born for the Red House Clan, my maternal grandfather's clan is the Folded Arms people, and my paternal grandfather's clan is the Red Bottom clan, this is how I identify as a Dine/Navajo woman. My mother is Tammy Jones and my father is Raymond Jones.

My name is Amanda Jones, I am the Native American Senator at Weber State University, and currently the Native American Student Association (NASA) President. I am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Social Work with a minor in Psychology. I admire people, so my dream is to help others with my degree in Social Work and also be a strong advocate for mental health. I want to be able to help others with the knowledge that I am obtaining here at Weber State University.

As stated before, I am the Native American Senator and my desire is to inspire, motivate, and help those who have an ambition toward their goals, education, and futures. Being a Senator I help initiate actions on student concerns and serve as a voice for all Native American  students here on campus. If there are any concerns that you may have, please contact me and I will address any issues that are presented.

Shinibah StanleyShinibah Stanley, Diné (Navajo) - NASA Vice President

Hello, my name is Shinibah Stanley. I am from the Bitter Water clan, born for the Red Running into Water clan, my maternal grandfather is from the Ute People Division of the Red Running into the Water clan, and my paternal grandfather is from the Towering House clan.

I am originally from Monument Valley, Utah and now reside in Ogden to pursue my education. I am currently finishing my Associate's Degree in General Education and starting my Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor and Community Recreation Education with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

My goal is to start my own business to promote outdoor recreation and wellness in my community. As for now, I am currently the Native American Student Association's Vice President.

Gabrielle TsosieGabrielle Tsosie, Navajo - NASA Secretary

Ya’at’eeh, I am Gabrielle Tsosie. I am Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People), born for Todichi’iin’ii (Bitter Water Clan), my maternal grandfather is Hashtl’ishnii (Mud Clan), and my paternal grandfather is Naashagali Dine’e (Mescalero Apache Clan). My family is from Coppermine, AZ / Page, AZ.

I am within my third year of college, working towards an BS and AS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology with a concentration in welding. Also, working towards an AS in General Studies.

Reshon CharleyReshon Charley, Diné (Navajo) - NASA Treasurer

Christian PhomsouvanhChristian Phomsouvanh, Lao/Laotian - NASA Cultural Affairs Specialist

Sabaidee everyone! My name is Christian Phomsouvanh and my pronouns are they/them/their. First, I would like to say that I am an Asian American and not a Native American. My family comes from a landlocked country in Southeast Asia called Laos. With that being said, I have immensely immersed myself in work particularly focusing on Native American and Indigenous communities to better understand their wisdom and culture along with the injustices that they face at an individual, institutional, and societal level. Being an advocate in a variety of spaces I continue to transform my advocacy into action to make a change while helping others in a holistic way. As the Cultural Affairs Specialist, I think it is important to dissect the differences between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. To really understand what culture is and how it comes in many forms such as language, regalia, traditional knowledge, cultural practices/rituals, etc. 

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and Plant Ecology with a minor in Anthropology at Weber State University (WSU). I also serve as the President of WSU’s Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA). With many passions and interests in different areas, I do not have a specific career goal at the moment, but I currently see myself creating spaces at the intersection of plants, art, and exploration of human connection. I admire storytelling so actively listening and empathizing with my own and others' cosmology, I hope I can be that spacemaker to enable and empower historically marginalized communities to have a voice at any capacity.

Cayden CharleyCayden Charley, Diné (Navajo) - NASA Social Media/Activities Specialist

Hello there, my name is Cayden Charley and I am from the Navajo tribe. Born and raised here in Utah and my parents are Jennifer and Aaron Charley from the Navajo nation Shiprock reservation. 

I am the new NASA Social Media/Activities Specialist over here at Weber State University. I'm currently working on getting my associate's degree in general education. I am planning to major in psychology and minor in criminal justice. My big educational goal in college is to achieve a master's degree and go into the law enforcement field. It was kind of a childhood dream of mine when I wanted to be when I grew up. So that's my plan to do here in college and maybe one day go back to the Shiprock reservation and work as a law enforcement officer. Be an influence on other native students to achieve their dream and also have a little bit of fun in the process.

Nadina DelgadoNadina Delgado, Western Shoshone - NASA Native Scholar Representative

My name is Nadina Delgado and I am a member of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone from Elko, Nevada. My family originates from Ruby Valley and Odgers Ranch. I am in my fourth year of pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in Fine Arts. I have graduated with my Associate of Science in General Studies as well as my Associate of Teaching from Weber State University.

After I graduate from Weber State University, I plan on becoming an Elementary Teacher in Elko County. Becoming a youth basketball coach in the Elko community is also a goal of mine. By being a teacher and coach, I hope to be a positive influence and role model to the children of our community, while guiding them in a positive direction. My interests include traveling, watching and playing basketball, and spending time with my family. My favorite pastime is dancing Fancy Shawl at various powwows.

NASA Events

3rd Annual Native American College Prep & Scholarship Night - TBD

NASA in partnership with the Davis School District Title VI Indian Education Program will host this event to encourage local Native American students to prepare for college. Native American representatives from Utah colleges and universities will be in attendance to share information about their respective institutions.

43rd Annual “Indigenous Voices Pow-Wow” hosted by the Native American Student Association

Date & Location TBD


Student Life

“Indigenous Voices Hour” Radio Show

Spring 2021  |  TBD  |  KWCR Studio

In partnership with KWCR, NASA hosts the “Indigenous Voices Hour” radio show, where student leaders lead conversations on topics pertaining to the Native American community and highlighting the musical talents of various indigenous musicians and artists.

The show provides a platform for engaging the campus and local community while providing students with the opportunity to refine communication and leadership skills.


2019 WSU Block Party


2019 Homecoming


2019 Native Heritage Month Union Bridge installation: MMIW Awareness



2019 Indigenous Voices Pow-Wow


2019 Ogden City Council - Native Heritage Month Proclamation



2019 Native Symposium with keynote speaker, Peter MacDonald Sr., Navajo Code Talker




2019 Indigenous Voices Pow-Wow




2019 WSU Men’s Basketball Halftime Show


2018 NASA officers leading campus tour for Diné College visit


2018 NASA officers leading campus tour for Diné College visit


Community Engagement

2019 American Indian Caucus


Native College Night
NASA & DSD Indian Education



Native Heritage Month @Adopt-a-Native Elder Event


2018 Ogden City Council, Native Heritage Month Proclamation

Community Resources

Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake City

The Urban Indian Center serves as a gathering place where people can participate in familiar Native American community activities such as pow wows and sweat, providing a comfort zone for those who are far away from home. Some of the people may need help with finding work or need basic staples of life assistance until they get on their feet. The Urban Indian Center is a place the people can turn to for assistance in health care, mental health care, and other needs. The UIC provides services that identify and educate our clients concerning preventive care, wellbeing, enjoyment, and encouraging better overall health of life within the Native American community.

Utah Department of Health - American Indian/Alaskan Native Initiatives

The American Indian/Alaska Native Initiatives is located in the Division of Family Health & Preparedness, Director’s Office at the Highland Drive Building, Salt Lake City, UT. It is staffed by the Indian Health Liaison ( ) or 801-273-6644. The mission of the initiative is to raise the health status of Utah’s American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) population to that of Utah’s general population. 

Utah Division of Indian Affairs

The Commission on State Indian Affairs was created in 1953 when the Utah State Legislature passed the “Indian Affairs Act.” The first director for the commission was hired in 1956. The commission was restructured in 1999 as the Division of Indian Affairs. It is currently staffed by the Director, Program Manager, and Administrative Assistant. It is part of the Department of Heritage & Arts.