About Ceremony of Excellence

The Ceremony of Excellence is a celebration the Center for Multicultural Excellence holds every spring to recognize graduating seniors who have been inducted into a group of distinguished alumni who have demonstrated excellence in a number of categories such as academics, leadership, community, teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. 

Kente Cloth

The traditional Kente Cloth is a hand-woven ceremonial article of clothing originating from the country of Ghana. Kente Cloths are worn by recognized members of their communal society during important social and religious occasions. The Kente Cloth carries a more symbolic meaning than just a decorative cloth. It is a visual icon of history, philosophy, ethics, and social code of conduct that an individual strives to represent. Within the academic world, Kente Cloths have been used to recognize individuals who have developed and embodied the ideals of the organization that awards them. 

The Weber State University Center for Multicultural Excellence would like to award the following individuals with Kente Cloths for their contributions and dedication to multiculturalism and our center. The recipients have distinguished themselves with excellence through helping others and have actively participated in making Weber State a better university for all students and their community.

Honu and Kukui Nut Lei

The kukui, also known as the candlenut tree, serves many purposes for natives from the Pacific Islands. Early settlers used the oil extracted from the kukui nut for candles to light the night. The kukui is used today as a lei and is given to noblemen and noblewomen to signify royalty and/or high achievement. 

The turtle, or Honu, imprinted on the kukui lei also takes on various meanings in the Pacific Islands including longevity, wellness, family, harmony, and symbolizes the navigator in the Pacific Islands. As you go forth navigating your journey, reflect back on this award and the meaning of the Honu and kukui Lei.

May you continue to light the way for your peers and/or loved ones as you charter beyond the waters of higher education.



Previous Award Recipients