ASIA's statement on the recent rise of anti-Asian hate crimes:

In the weeks since the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia and the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes we have seen how the language we use can be turned into real weapons and cause immense harm. The Asian Student involvement Association is deeply saddened by this tragedy and express our sincerest condolences to all the victims and their families. We mourn the lives lost and acknowledge the trauma, grief, pain, fear, sadness, frustration, and anger of people in our community. We recognize that this violence is fueled by and is a product of ongoing, deep rooted, historical, and structural anti-Asian racism. The Asian Student Involvement Association condemns white supremacy, misogyny, and systemic racism that motivate violence, especially gender-based violence against Asian American communities and other marginalized communities. During this time we must come together as a collective to assess and address the community’s needs. We want you all to know that we are holding space for you if anyone is in need of emotional, mental, and physical support. Weber State University has support services across campus such as the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME), the Women’s Center, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AAEO), Access and Diversity, and the Counseling Center that you can access and utilize. There are people on campus and in the community who care deeply for you so please do not hesitate to reach out as we cultivate safe and secure spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We Will continue to do work necessary to establish change. 



ASIA Mission

Welcome to ASIA (Asian Student Involvement Association)! The goal of this organization is to provide a space for Asian students and students interested in Asian culture to socialize, collaborate, and participate in leadership and volunteer opportunities.  ASIA also provides quality opportunities for academic and extracurricular experiences and promote student involvement in university clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

Spring 2021 - Virtual Club Meetings

For information on ASIA meeting times and location please contact:

ASIA President - Christian Phomsouvanh at

Advisor - Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters at or (801)626-7006

  • When: 
    • Thursdays
  • Where: 
    • Via Google Meets
      • For a link to access the meeting, please contact Lulu Faumui-Latu-Peters or Christian Phomsouvanh via email.
  • Time:  
    • 6:00 to 7:00 PM 

Social Media

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ASIA Advisor


2020-21 ASIA Leadership


Tashina BarberLulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters - ASIA Advisor

Greetings and welcome to Weber State University!   My name is Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters. I am the advisor for the Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA) and a retention counselor for the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) here at Weber State University.

I am a first-generation college graduate. I received my associates of science degree from Snow College in 2005.  From there I went on to Utah State University where I graduated with my bachelor's in social work, and in 2015 I received my master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah with a concentration in forensics.  I have worked extensively with juveniles in the justice system in various capacities from 2003-2018 when I made a career change from working in juvenile justice to now working in higher education working with underrepresented students with a focus on Asian and Pacific Islander students. I have enjoyed my work with students in higher education and am even more excited to witness the progression and success in their academic journeys.  I am deeply motivated and compassionate in helping underrepresented students find purpose in their pursuits in higher education as well as helping students find a balance between academics, personal life, financial support, and campus involvement/engagement including implementing resources and support systems to establish the importance of cultural practices, celebrations and raising cultural awareness

Christian Phomsouvanh - ASIA PresidentChristian Phomsouvanh - 2021-22 ASIA President

Sabaidee! My name is Christian Phomsouvanh [they/them/their] and I am the President for the Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA). I welcome you to this shared Asian/Asian American space whether it be virtually or in person.    

I am a genderqueer child of a Laotian refugee currently residing on Shoshone and Goshute Lands here in the state of Utah. I am a self-proclaimed advocate, healer, spacemaker, and storyteller by cultivating spaces at the intersection of environment, art, and exploration of human connection. I am also a student of Botany and Plant Ecology, Anthropology, and Chemistry. From my passions and interests I like to explore the nuances of human interactions in relation to the Land and environment. My healing is intertwined by the aforementioned along with traditional wisdom of Indigenous Peoples, cultural preservation, non-humans, and humans alike. 

In the free time that I do have, I enjoy exploring many creative avenues but also love spending time with family and friends, botanizing, listening to music, and trying new foods.

On campus I have served as the Asian Students Senator, Cultural Affairs Specialist for the Native American Student Association, and continue to involve myself in other multicultural organizations within the campus and community. Because of this I had the opportunity to do an internship with OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates which is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). There is a local OCA - Utah chapter that I engage with so if you have any questions about them, myself, or anything else please feel free to reach out as I would love to connect with you. 

Lian Ulbrich - ASIA Vice President Lian Ulbrich - 2021-22 ASIA Vice President

Hello everyone! My name is Lian Ulbrich and I am a freshman at Weber State University, studying Microbiology. I am the 2021-2022 Vice president of ASIA. I am passionate about women's rights and equality, race equality, mental health, and LGBTQIA+ issues. I come from a mixed-race household -- I am half-Filipino and half-white. 

I just recently started going back to school after three years in the workforce. I am excited to bring Asian students together to celebrate our diversity and cultures. 

Suzanna Luo - Asian Student SenatorSuzanna Luo - 2021-22 Asian Student Senator

Welcome back, everyone!

I'm Suzanna, the current Asian Student Senator. As a senator, my job is to hear and forward your concerns to WSUSA and propose solutions to address/solve them. You can contact me at: 

Here's to a be

Koii Lauritsen  - 2021-22 ASIA Secretary Koii Lauritsen - 2021-22 ASIA Secretary 

Hello, I am Koii Lauritsen. I am a sophomore at Weber State University studying Theater. I am the secretary of the Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA). I am originally from Hailey, Idaho, but I have grown to really love Utah! 

While Theater is my major, politics and activism are a MAJOR passion og mine. I am excited to work this year with the community  and play an active role in social change. I am hoping I can help Weber be a safe respectful, and diverse place where everyone feels accepted. Let's all have a great year!

Kimberly Tinio - ASIA TreasurerKimberly Tinio - 2021-22 ASIA Treasurer

Mubuhay! My name is Kimberly Tinio, I am from the Philippines, but I moved to Utah when I was 8 years old. This is my second year at Weber State University. I am majoring in Nutrition. I am very excited for this upcoming year because I love to volunteer and help out others! My favorite things to do during my spare time are hanging out with my dog and cooking! I love making food I find on tiktok. I have 2 siblings and I am the oldest in my family. 

Chloe Sanow - ASIA HistorianChole Sanow - 2021-22 ASIA Historian

Hello everyone! My name is Chloe Sanow, and I am the 2021-2022 Historian for ASIA. I am currently a freshman here at Weber State University, majoring in Chemistry and Pre-Med. I grew up in Layton, Utah and graduated from Northridge High School this past spring. I was a dancer for 15 years and I continue by teaching dance to young boys and girls today. A few things that I am passionate about are community service, education, Asian culture, positivity, and uplifting others. My values include honesty, dependability, kindness, courage, and a strong work ethic. I believe my interest and values will allow me to help the club and others succeed. I am looking forward to being involved with ASIA, to help create a welcoming environment for our Asian and Asian American students here at Weber!

Skyler Mundell - ASIA Public Relations OfficerSkyler Mundell - 2021-22 ASIA Public Relations Officer

Greetings! My name is Skyler (call me “Sky”) Mundell, I’m a freshman here at Weber State University studying Multimedia Journalism. I was born in Okinawa, Japan, and grew up in Syracuse. My mom is from Okinawa and my Dad is an Air Force veteran from Minnesota; I grew up being encouraged to try my hardest at what I do and expand my horizons because the world is a vast, ever-expanding place. Art, writing, philosophy, politics, and activism for causes leading to a better, more understanding world are strong passions of mine. Traveling is also a passion of mine, I’ve been to France, The UK, and Japan; I look forward to being able to experience more unique places and people in the future. I’m a through-and-through patriot; however, I’ve always felt my heart and soul resided back home in Okinawa. I visit every other summer to see family, being Okinawan is a huge part of who I am.

In my free time, I’m an avid consumer of all sorts of media: I love to read books, listen to podcasts, watch movies, and play video games. I’m also an aspiring writer; stories, of all sorts, fascinate me to no end. I want to spend my life traveling across the world far and wide, telling stories; both as a journalist and as a writer on my own terms, I believe the world and its people have so many stories that need to be heard. Along the way, I also want to pursue endeavors that’ll help the livelihoods of those around me and those in need. I strongly believe that we all have our part and the choice to do more to strive for more peace in the world and within each other.

I’m beyond excited and honored to be a part of this community and ASIA this year as its PR and marketing officer. I’m thrilled for all the people I’ll get to meet this year, the experiences I’ll share with them, and the things I’ll learn this year.

Sydney Ward - ASIA events coordinatorSydney Ward - 2021-22 ASIA Events Coordinator 

Hi, my name is Sydney Ward! I am a freshman at Weber State, and I am working on my associates of science. I was born in China and adopted at 11 months old. I was raised in Florida and moved to Utah when I was 12 years old. I graduated from NUAMES early 2021. I am very outspoken and outgoing, and enjoy talking to new people. I also enjoy engaging in new cultures and traveling. My parents would travel a lot when I was a child and that love passed down to me. I would like to go back to China and engage with my Chinese heritage. Another culture I would like to explore is my mom’s German and French sides.

Riley Cao - ASIA Social Media OfficerRiley Cao - 2021-22 ASIA Social Media Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Riley Cao, and I am an international student from Vietnam. This is my fifth year in the U.S, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I decided to study abroad at the age of 16 because I wanted to find a more suitable education environment for me. After three years, I graduated from high school and then studied Nursing for one year at a community college in Wisconsin. My uncle studied at Weber, and I had a chance to attend his graduation last semester. I fell in love with Weber and decided to transfer here for the Nursing program.

I was a true introvert, and since moving to a new environment, I am trying to be more open and make more friends. I am excited to be a part of ASIA as a social media officer this year, and I can’t wait to learn new things and have new experiences with amazing members and officers.

2021 ASIA Events


3rd Annual Asian Awareness Week | January 31st through February 4th

Monday, January 31st | 11am - 1pm | Asian Cultural Tabling Showcase | WSU Shepherd Union Atrium

Tuesday, February 1st | 12:30pm - 2:30pm | Film Screening "Nailed It" | WSU Shepherd Union, Ballroom C

Wednesday, February 2nd | 5:30pm - 8pm | Film Screening "Yellow Rose" | WSU Shepherd Union, SU404

Thursday, February 3rd | ASIA Social Activity | Stay tuned - More details to come **Contact Christian Phomsouvanh or Lian Ulbrich for more information**

Friday, February 4th | 5pm - 7:30pm | Asian Cultural Performance Celebration | Val A. Browning Center, 3950 West Campus Dr, Ogden, UT


Asian Cultural Perfomance Celebration - Highlight Video 



ASIA Student Life


ASIA and TOA were invited for the first time by the Ogden City Council to receive the proclamation declaring May 2019 Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Volunteering at several Asian cultural community events

ASIA presenting at Sessions on the Ledge

ASIA 2019

Had students from the Uintah Elementary Chinese Emerging program participate in the evening celebration

Had the opportunity to meet Wat Misaka and attend the film screening of “Transcending: the Wat Misaka Story”

 Volunteering for AAPI committee at the Hill Field Air Force Base

Participating as volunteers at the AAPI Festival at Hill Field Air Force Base

Tabling at several different events like WSU Block Party

Fun, social activities including karaoke….

….BBQ and potlucks

Rolling lumpia to raise funds for AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Festival

ASIA also enjoys collaborating with other CME area councils by volunteering for and supporting their events and activities

Fun, social activities including karaoke….

….BBQ and potlucks

ASIA officers being recognized at the Ceremony of Excellence for their dedication and hard work in ASIA