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Expenses & Scholarships

2018–19 MSRT Tuition

Weber State’s tuition is among the most affordable in our region.

  • $2,699.97 (resident tuition for 6 credits, does not include course or miscellaneous fees)
  • $3,871.17 (resident tuition for 9 credits, does not include course or miscellaneous fees)

WSU Graduate Tuition Chart

Academic Expenses

  • Books run an average of $50 per semester for renting. However, students will want to purchase some of their books, specifically the APA Manual 6th Edition, which will be used throughout the MSRT program. 
  • Study materials for credentialing exams: About $300 per credential
  • Credentialing exams for first-time applicants (2 exams required):
    • SDS: $300
    • PFT: $200
    • NPS: $250
    • ACCS $300
    • AE-C: $350

Organization Fees

Students are encouraged to join the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). Annual dues are $89–99.

In addition, students should plan to attend Utah Society of Respiratory Care conference(s). Conference rates are about $100 per year and subject to change.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Non-Resident Scholarships

A limited number of non-resident students who meet MSRT admission criteria may receive academic scholarships to receive in-state tuition rates.

Departmental Scholarships

Departmental scholarship funds are dispersed among a limited number of students who complete Weber State’s specialized scholarship application.


Additional Scholarships

Additional scholarships and financial aid are available through the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office and the American Association for Respiratory Care.

Contact the MSRT enrollment director at 801-626-7071 or for more details on gradaute student scholarships.