MSEE Course Descriptions

ECE 6110 - Digital VLSI Design

Introduction to Digital VLSI design.  Includes the development of standard cell library of common CMOS circuits.  Use of hardware description language and CAD tools for the design and simulation of custom large-scale digital systems.  Students will understand the impacts and tradeoffs from speed, power consumption, and thermal properties of large-scale custom Ics.
Prerequisite: ECE 3610.


ECE 6120 – Advanced VLSI Design

Design of analog VLSI systems. Course includes design, modeling, and verification of analog circuits in large-scale systems. Students will develop custom analog system designs utilizing CAD programs.
Prerequisite ECE 3120


ECE 6130 - Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Introduction to advanced semiconductor physics and devices.  Topics include carrier transport theory, energy band diagrams, PN junctions, metal-semiconductor junctions, BJTs and MOSFETs.  Study of current semiconductor process technologies and discussion of off-roadmap technologies.
Prerequisites: ECE 3110 and PHYS 2220.


ECE 6210 - Digital Signal Processing

Theory, application, and implementation of digital signal processing (DSP) concepts, from the design and implementation perspective.  Topics include: Fast Fourier transforms, adaptive filters, state-space algorithms, random signals, and spectral estimation.
Prerequisite: ECE 3210.


ECE 6220 - Image Processing

Advanced image processing theory and methods. Topics include digital image formation, transformation, filtering, enhancements, segmentation and morphological processing.
Prerequisite: ECE 3210.


ECE 6310 – Electromagnetics II

A study of intermediate electromagnetic issues common to circuits, systems, and communication networks. 

Pre-requisite: ECE 3310.


ECE 6410 - Communication Circuits and Systems

Introduction to communication circuits, modulation and decoding theory, spectrum usage, networks, and protocols.
Prerequisites: ECE 3210 and MATH 3410.


ECE 6420 - Digital Communication

Theory, analysis, and design of digital communications systems with an emphasis on topics related to wired, wireless data communication and the physical networking layer.  Topics include QPSK, QAM, PAM, CSMA/CD, SONET, ADSL, and/or MACAW.  Spread spectrum and cooperative communication techniques may be included.

Prerequisites: ECE 3210 and MATH 3410.


ECE 6620 – Digital System Testing

Fundamentals of testing digital circuits and memory devices, including fault modeling, test pattern generation, and test coverage. Introduction to design for test and built-in self-test. Laboratory activities include performing bench and automated testing of digital and memory chips, and generating test patterns for fault detection.

Prerequisite: ECE 3610.


ECE 6710 - Real-Time Embedded Systems

Advanced course on real-time embedded system design.  Topics include task concurrency, scheduling paradigms, schedulability tests, synchronization, resource access control, and interprocess communication.

Prerequisite: ECE 3710 or CS 3100.


CS 6610 - Computer Architecture

Investigation of high-performance computer processing architectures, including concurrent, multicore platforms; memory hierarchy; static and dynamic scheduling; instruction-level parallelism, including branch prediction; graphics processing units; cache performance and analysis.

Prerequisite: CS 2810.