Wasatch Aerospace and Systems Engineering Mini-Conference: Paper Winners

Championing Change:

  • First: Championing Cultural Change and Control Systems Cyber Security - Aleksandra Scalco and Dr. Steve Simske - Colorado State University Department of Systems Engineering
  • Second: Developing Creativity Through Project-Based Learning - Mary Foss and Yucheng Liu - Weber State University Concept Center and Mississippi State University
  • Third: Sparkpoint: Exploring the Serendipity of Intersections and the Unexpected - John McCrea

Creating New Solutions:

  • First: Oh my Hail - John Metcalf
  • Second: Application of Optimization Methods to Flexseal Design Process - Alexander Kaczkowski and Alex Hidalgo - Northrop Grumman
  • Third: Development of a Human Factors Hazard Model Using HEP/FTA/ETA - Dustin Birch and Thomas Bradley - Weber State University