Thesis/Project ReportĀ 

At the conclusion of your project, you will write a formal thesis or project report to be kept on file at the Computer Science office. The thesis or report must conform to one of the templates (either Word or LaTex) provided on the forms page. The thesis or report must include a cover sheet (see forms page) conforming to the template provided and bear signatures for both you and your supervisory committee.

For the cover sheet, download the template and replace those portions in red with the title, author, date, committee, etc. for your report. Change all text to black and print the cover sheet on acid-free paper before your final design review or defense. After you have secured all signatures, scan the cover sheet and add it to the electronic copy.

After you successfully defend your thesis or report is to be submitted electronically (.pfd format) to the graduate director ( for archival. It will then be publicly available via the Internet thereafter.


Reference Style

Please note that the report must follow IEEE reference style.