Course Schedule


An effort is put into offering each course at an alternative location each time it is taught. For example, if a course is taught at the Ogden campus then an effort is put towards teaching the same course at Davis campus next time it is offered.

Course Sequence Schedule (Past and Future)

We will most likely offer the following CS graduate courses in the following semesters. See the following page for the course rotation schedule.

Disclaimer: The following information should be used for planning purposes only. We cannot guarantee that these courses will be offered in the exact order shown nor if they will be offered at all. In addition, there may be additional courses added as enrollment demands. We also make no claim about any future event at all, including the sun rising tomorrow.

Spring 2021

  • CS 6420 (Advanced Algorithms)
  • To be determined
  • To be determined
  • To be determined

Fall 2020

  • CS 6610 (Computer Architecture) (Hugo Valle)                            Davis campus (evening)
  • CS 6820 (Compiler Design) (Robert Ball)                                       Davis campus (morning/day)
  • CS 6600 (Machine Learning) (Abdulmalek Al-Gahmi)                Davis campus (evening)
  • CS 6450 (Software Evolution and Maintenance) (Richard Fry)  Davis campus (morning/day)

Summer 2020

  • CS 6850 (Parallel Programming & Architecture) (Brad Peterson)   Davis campus (evening)

Spring 2020

  • CS 6420 (Advanced Algorithms)(Abdulmalek Al-Gahmi)   Davis campus (evening)
  • CS 6500 (Artificial Intelligence)(Yong Zhang)                       Ogden campus (morning/day)
  • CS 6740 (Computer Systems Security)(Kyle Feuz)               Davis campus (evening)

Fall 2019

  • CS 6610 (Computer Architecture) (Hugo Valle)                Ogden campus (morning/day)
  • CS 6820 (Compiler Design) (Mark Huson)                         Davis campus (evening)
  • CS 6840 (Formal System Design) (Brian Rague)                Davis campus (evening)
  • ECE 6710 (Real-Time Embedded Systems)(Fon Brown)   Ogden campus (morning/day)

Spring 2019

  • CS 6420 (Advanced Algorithms) (Abdulmalek Al-Gahmi)             Ogden campus (morning/day)
  • CS 6600 (Machine Learning) (Kyle Fuez)                                          Ogden campus (morning/day)
  • CS 6850 (Parallel Programming & Architecture) (Brad Peterson)  Davis campus (evening)

Fall 2018

  • CS 6610 (Computer Architecture) (Hugo Valle)   Davis campus (evening)
  • CS 6820 (Compiler Design) (Robert Ball)              Ogden campus (morning/day)

Spring 2018

  • CS 6740 (Computer Systems Security) (Kyle Feuz)    Ogden campus (morning/day)  
  • CS 6420 (Advanced Algorithms) (Yong Zhang)           Davis campus (evening)