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Thesis/Project Report 

At the conclusion of your project, you will write a formal thesis or project report to be kept on file at the Engineering Department office. The thesis or report must conform to the format guidelines provided (below). The thesis or report must include a cover sheet conforming to the template provided and bear signatures for both you and your supervisory committee. The thesis or report is to be submitted both electronically (.pfd format) and on good quality, acid-free paper. The printed copy must not be bound.

For the cover sheet, download the template and replace those portions in red with the title, author, date, committee, etc. for your report. Change all text to black and print the cover sheet on acid-free paper prior to your final design review or defense. After you have secured all signatures, scan the cover sheet and add it to the electronic copy. Submit the electronic copy by e-mail to and submit the paper copy, including the original cover sheet, to the Department Admin.

Thesis or project defense presentations must be conducted no less than three weeks before the last day of the semester. Work closely with your thesis/project advisor and committee to ensure you meet this deadline. For all other semesters, work with your advising committee to schedule a status report presentation during the last week of the semester

Download Approved Cover Sheet Template (Word)

Download Thesis/Project Report Formatting Requirements (pdf)

Download Thesis/Project Template (docx)