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MASTER OF SCIENCE in Athletic Training 
Great care is in demand. Be Brilliant.  

Gain the skills and experience you need to become a certified athletic trainer. You'll graduate with knowledge and hands-on experience in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and general medical conditions.




  • An innovative, advanced curriculum designed to prepare our students for an exciting, challenging career as an athletic trainer
  • Learn from our experienced instructors who thoroughly understand the industry
  • Our graduates report high rates of satisfaction with the curriculum and program and achieve very high pass rates on the certification exam.
  • Discover what a valuable resource you can be by improving the health and healthcare of your community
  • The MSAT program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).  


Our program focuses on: 

  • Upper and lower extremity orthopedic assessment
  • Therapeutic modalities (including traction, shortwave diathermy and laser)
  • Aquatic therapy (in our SwimEx)
  • Therapeutic rehabilitation (including manual therapy techniques)
  • Radiology and pharmacology
  • Management (facility and personnel), leadership career development
  • Psychology of sport, injury and rehabilitation
  • Conducting and evaluating research

View the 2-year course sequence for the Weber State University MSAT program.


As a MSAT graduate, you can purse a career as a certified Athletic Trainer. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. 100% of MSAT graduates have passed the examination over the past four years. Athletic trainers are employed in a wide range of organizations, such as:

  • Professional sports
  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private high schools
  • Clinical and Hospital settings
  • Professional organizations
  • Military
  • Rodeo
  • NASA



before you begin, get to know what courses will be required for this degree  

  • Core Requirements

    • MSAT 6080: Research Methods I (3) 
    • MSAT 6085: Research Methods II (3)
    • MSAT 6090: Research Methods III (3)
    • MSAT 6100: Advanced Emergency Care (3) 
    • MSAT 6200: Mental and Behavioral Health in Injury and Rehabilitation (3) 
    • MSAT 6300: Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis I (3) 
    • MSAT 6301: Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis II (3) 
    • MSAT 6350: Assessment and Care of General Medical Conditions (3) 
    • MSAT 6390: Foundations of Therapeutic Interventions (2) 
    • MSAT 6400: Therapeutic Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries (2) 
    • MSAT 6401: Innovations in Therapeutic Modalities (2) 
    • MSAT 6431: Orthopedic Taping and Durable Medical Equipment (1) 
    • MSAT 6432: Casting and Orthotic Fabrication (1) 
    • MSAT 6450: Therapeutic Rehabilitation I (3) 
    • MSAT 6451: Therapeutic Rehabilitation II (3) 
    • MSAT 6452: Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques (3)
    • MSAT 6480: Advanced Principles of Evidence-Based Practice (3) 
    • MSAT 6500 INT: Foundations of Athletic Training (3) 
    • MSAT 6600: Administration and Management in Athletic Training (3) 
    • MSAT 6700: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging for the Athletic Training Profession (1) 
    • MSAT 6740: Nutrition for Athletic Trainers (1) 
    • MSAT 6760: Suturing,  Joint Relocation and Advanced AT Skills (1) 
    • MSAT 6998: Master's Board of Certification (BOC) Exam Preparation (1) 
    • MSAT 6999: Special Topics in Athletic Training (1-3)


    Total credit hours: 57 

  • Clinical & Elective Courses

    Clinical Courses

    • MSAT 6501 INT: Graduate Practicum I (3)
    • MSAT 6502 INT: Graduate Practicum II (3) 
    • MSAT 6503 INT: Graduate Practicum III (3)
    • MSAT 6504 INT: Graduate Practicum IV (3) 


    Total Credit Hours: 12

    View the full course catalog for more details.



    Elective Courses

    • MSAT 6095: Research Methods IV (1-3)
    • MSAT 6750: Evidence Based Evaluation and Treatment of the SI Joint and Spine (2) 


    Total Credit Hours: 2-5

    View the full course catalog for more details.


wondering why our program should interest you? read below for the highlights 

 Clinical Rotations & Research

We value providing students with a variety of Clinical Rotations that meet the career goals of each student. Our graduate students get a solid foundation in research, which prepares them to be better consumers of research and contribute to the body of knowledge in athletic training. 


Our program is affordable while providing a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for careers in high schools, clinics, universities, and professional sports. Tuition & Fees


Our first-time Board of Certification exam pass rate is one of the highest in the country. CAATE Pass Rate Details

Great care is in demand. Be Brilliant.

meet with our faculty advisor and get started today!  

We are here to help you! If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our Master of Science in Athletic Training, please connect with us today and start pursing your dream tomorrow! 

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Conrad Gabler PhD, LAT, ATC

Graduate Program Director & Associate Professor 


Swenson Building
Room 222





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