Undergraduate Research in MLS

Students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences are involved in a wide variety of research projects spanning basic, clinical, and translational research fields.

Once students are admitted into the program they are encouraged to explore research opportunities with MLS faculty. In the second year of the program, students can enroll in a dedicated two-semester research course that will aid the student in developing an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

You will work as part of a research team to write a grant to obtain funding from the Office of Undergraduate Research in the Fall semester and to carryout experimentation during the Spring semester. You will also present your work at the WSU Undergraduate Research Symposium and submit a journal article for publication to ERGO.

Students with outstanding projects will present their work at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research or at the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences National Conference, or Ogden Surgical Medical Society

For a list of current and past MLS research projects, visit our MLS Undergraduate Research web page.

For information about undergraduate research at Weber State University, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research, or contact the MLS Department Chair, Dr. Matthew Nicholaou, matthewnicholaou@weber.edu.

MLS Undergraduate Research Projects