Campus Student Handbook

Dear MLS Student,
Congratulations again on your acceptance into Weber State University’s Medical Laboratory Sciences Program! You have chosen to be a part of Weber State University’s unique and well renowned MLS Program. The faculty and staff welcome you and wish you success in the MLS Program and in your college experience.
This handbook is designed to acquaint you with important information about the WSU MLS Program. Our goal is to have everything that you need to know about the MLS Department and Program in one place. We hope that after you read through it, you will use it as a reference when needed and that it will be a useful guide to you as you progress through the MLS Program. If you have a question about a department requirement, policy, etc., you should consult this handbook first. Also, if you have questions about the contents of this handbook, please contact the MLS Program Director or the MLS Department Chair.
We wish you all the best and look forward to our associations.
Best Regards,
MLS Department Faculty and Staff