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For more information, please contact the MLS office in the Marriott Health Building, Room 208, or call 801-626-6118.



Department Scholarships

In addition to the university's scholarship and financial aid programs, the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences provides the following scholarships to assist students in achieving their educational goals:

  • The Ann Hackelman Scholarship 
  • The Medical Laboratory Science Scholarship
  • The Deborah Ogden Cullis Jensen Memorial Scholarship in MLS
  • The H.E. Larson MLS Scholarship for Baccalaureate Degree Students
  • The O. Rex Child MLS Scholarship
  • The Dr. Vern Johnson Scholarship
  • WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences Academic Waivers

The criteria for the above listed scholarships are based on an academic standing (GPA range of 2.5-4.0) or financial need.  See the scholarship link located towards the top of this page for information regarding deadlines and applications. 



Non-University Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered through non-university MLS Societies, the department will make announcements when these are available.