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Medical Laboratory Sciences


Below are a set of resources assembled especially for our Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences students. 

If you know of a resource you would like added for the department, please send an email request to dchpmarketing@weber.edu.


  • ASCP Board of Certification

    It is often crucial for Medical Laboratory Science students to become board certified. You can find a step by step guide as well as other requirements to help you succeed here.



    ASCP Certification

  • Job Postings

    Job postings and volunteer opportunities will be posted here as they become available. If you are looking for required hours, here is where you will find what is available in the area. 


    Job Postings

  • MLS Departmental Honors

    Interested in departmental honors?

    Visit the link below and connect with our faculty advisor to understand what it will take to become an MLS Honors Student.



    MLS Departmental Honors

  • Scholarships, Cost & Tuition

    Tuition, student fees and required materials can add up for students. Here you will find a breakdown of what you are paying for and additional resources to help you pay for your education. Department scholarships and third party scholarships are available.


    Scholarships, Cost & Tuition

  • Student Handbook

    Here you will find your handbook to being a student in the Medical Laboratory Sciences department. This  comprehensive handbook will discuss admissions, degrees, academic standards and more. All in great detail and one place to help answer your questions.


  • WSU Student Resources

    Need more resources or a place to connect? Check out WSU student resources, where you can easily find testing center information, career services, online learning assistance, healthy life resources, events around town and MORE! 


    WSU Student Resources



  • Clinical Mentors (online)

    Clinical Mentors are a key component to being able to offer our programs online. When selecting your mentor, you will work with them closely to achieve your academic, professional and personal success. 

    Review clinical mentor information here, and feel free to share this link with your mentor, so you both understand what will be required of our online program.


    Clinical Mentors

  • Lab Competency (online)

    Our online programs require a laboratory component to meet our Department's standards in Medical Laboratory Sciences education. 

    A detailed list of laboratory competencies is provided for you here. With the laboratory setting you have chosen, you will work closely with a mentor who has agreed to be available to answer questions, evaluate core laboratory competencies and assist you as needed.


    Lab Competency

  • Support Statement (online)

    The Medical Laboratory Science online programs are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). WSU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). 

    In order to meet the requirements of both accrediting agencies, a statement of support indicates that a student has received approval from their laboraotry to complete clinical hours throughout their time in our online program. 

    Statement of Support Forms


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