MLS Advisory Board

The following is a list of individuals who serve as the WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences Department Advisory Board


Lynette Drysdale

RRL Coordinator, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital & Ogden Regional Medical Center

Meischa Dyer

Generalist, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital

Iride Goodrigh

   Generalist, Lakeview Hospital

Heather Guillot

Generalist, IHC Logan Regional

April Holmes

Technical Supervisor, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

Jeremy Hobbs

Laboratory Director, Davis Hospital and Medical Center

Cheryl Howard

Blood Bank Lead, Davis Hospital and Medical Center

Kim Nielson

Lab Director, Cache Valley Hospital

Amy Nordstrom

Chemistry Lead, Hill Airforce Base Laboratory

Annette Poulsen

Education Coordinator, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital

Brit Russett

Supervisor, Laboratory Support Services, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

Scott Smith

 Lab Director, Ogden Regional Medical Center

 Pam Williams

 Generalist, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital

MLS Faculty and Staff