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Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) 


As a medical laboratory assistant, you will be able to perform lab tests that help to detect, diagnose and study diseases. You will learn core laboratory skills primarily required for testing in physician office labs and other decentralized testing sites. You can earn your MLA certificate either on campus or online.

This program is only available to students in the United States. New York residents are not eligible. 


  • This certificate gives those who may already be in the healthcare field, the opportunity to add and learn additional skills
  • Online flexible course delivery format
  • The program encourages and teaches competencies aimed at better serving patient care in laboratory testing
  • Learn from our experienced instructors who thoroughly understand the industry
  • Our graduates report high rates of satisfaction with the curriculum and program
  • Successful achievement students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the College of Health Profession's MLA program. This course plus 6 months of laboratory clinical experience qualifies students to sit for the ASCP National Certification Exam, MLA (ASCP) under route 6.


Under this program students will complete MLS 1010 Core Clinical Laboratory Skills, which is a four credit class offered every semester.

After successful completion of this course (a grade of B- or better), students will be mailed a Medical Laboratory Assistant certificate, recognized by many in the healthcare industry. 

In addition, ASCP offers a certification exam to become a certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA ASCP). You may use our MLS 1010 or MLS 1113 course, in conjunction with six months full-time laboratory work experience, to qualify for this exam (via route 6). 


The MLS 1010 course was created to teach you the core clinical laboratory skills from various healthcare professions. The curriculum will focus on basic laboratory methods in quality control, quality assurance, information recording and transfer, normal and abnormal laboratory values, and problem recognition. You'll receive basic technical instruction in phlebotomy, specimen collection and processing, and laboratory instrumentation in the areas of hematology, serology, urinalysis, and clinical chemistry.

If you continue your education and apply to the WSU online (MLT) program, MLS 1113 Intro Lab Practices will be waived upon acceptance into the online MLS AAS program for students who have completed MLS 1010 with a B- or better. 






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  • Step 1: Apply to WSU

    Enroll at Weber State University

    Weber State University (WSU) is an open-enrollment university, you can apply anytime by visiting the link above. 

    Don't forget, once a Wildcat always a Wildcat. If you've taken a WSU course in the past (including concurrently) please visit Return to Weber for more information.

    During this process, select Non Degree as your major. 


  • Step 2: Form Submission

    You will need to submit the student information form and statement of support to the MLS Department before you can register for courses.

    Please email documents to Christy Achter at christyachter@weber.edu.

    Before registering for MLS 1010, WSU and the facility that signed your statement of support must complete an affiliation agreement for you to be able to complete the clinical rotation associated with the class. The MLS Department will complete this agreement. Once this agreement has been completed you will be sent information on how to register. 


  • Step 3: Registration

    To make sure that you are billed the correct amount for online tuition, please call 1-800-848-7770 and choose “Online & Independent Study Student Services” from the phone menu to request being assigned to the “Online Campus” or to verify your current campus assignment. If you live in Utah, you will be billed current-in-state tuition. Exams for the course will be proctored.

    Order course materials from the Weber State Bookstore. Click on "Textbooks" in the purple bar across the top of the page. You will then be prompted to put in the course information and you can order the text through the website.



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