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Theo Pal

A Web Companion to Contemporary Critical Theory


Please remember: In synch with the ethos of the web, the list below is always in the making. Please let us know if you've made new discoveries as you make your excursions into cyberia, and please check out related web pages on this site as well.

Note as well that, while many websites may be informative and useful, they are typically no substitute for the more sustained scholarly discussion of a book.

TO BE UPDATED AND EXPANDED PERIODICALLY—please stay tuned! Please consult MAL PAL and CAL PAL as well, as the dividing membrane between modern and contemporary/postmodern culture is, much in the spirit of postmodern forms of destabilization, fluid and permeable.


Theories and Theorists of Postmodernity – a Sampler

  • What is Postmodernism?  An Introduction
  • The "Map": The Modernism/Postmodernism binary
  • Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Postmodern Thought Excellent comprehensive site from U. Colorado
  • Postmodern Bibliography Extensive, searchable bibliography from U. Virginia
  • Spoon Collective Theory Page Excellent guide to postmodern theory discussion lists on the Net
  • Theory.Org. Excellent site from the UK. Especially good on Foucault, Butler and on Queer Theory. Comes with a sense of humor, and a full pack of pomo theorist trading cards (get yours today!)
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Theory list Interesting essays and links to some good sites, from the CMU English server
  • Everything Postmodern: From Nihilism to Utopia Maybe not everything, but quite a lot
  • Panic Encyclopedia On-line pomo anti-encyclopedia
  • Postmodernism and the Postmodern Novel Good introduction from The Electronic Labyrinth
  • Dia Art Foundation An influential postmodern art, performance and theory space
  • Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theory Great set of sites from Brown University
  • Making Face, Making Soul A Chicana Feminist homepage; multicultural pomo at its best
  • K.I.S.S. of the Panopticon Nicely irreverent set of introduction to the useful and the useless elements of postmodern thought (K.I.S.S. "keep it simple stupid")
  • Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center This is a truly massive site that includes numerous links to postmodern theory, theorists, and online article of interest to pomo studies, especially those touching on popular culture
  • and critics
  • Postmodern pochos in a virtual barrio website. Seriously parodic Chicano/a study, news and culture site

Individual Theorists and Theories


Postmodern (online) Journals and Essays

  • Postmodern Culture Journal includes criticism, theory, fiction/poetry, and reviews
  • electronic book review, cutting edge journal about pomo literary and cultural issues
  • New Left Review, a key journal of the international Left and "a new resource for the new century."
  • CTheory A. & M. Kroker's journal, with articles, interviews, reviews and pomo "event scenes"
  • Bad Subjects An excellent journal from Berkeley seeking to define a postmodern leftist "politics of everyday life"
  • Post/Urban Textualities New online journal exploring "rhetoric, spatiality and technology." Asserts that the "boundaries between city and suburb have been blurred" under postmodern conditions.
  • Enculturation: An Electric Journal for Cultural Studies, Rhetoric and Theory Broad-ranging journal treating "rhetoric, music, film, literature, and critical/literary/postmodern theory"
  • The Echoes of Hearts Long Silenced
  • Hito Steyerl, The Spam of the Earth: Withdrawal from Representation

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