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Film Pal

ReelWeb – CinemaScope (badly in need of an update -- no time :)


Please remember: In sync with the ethos of the web, the list below is always in the making. Please let us know if you've made new discoveries as you make your excursions into cyberia, and please check out related web pages on this site as well.

Note as well that, while many web sites may be informative and useful, they are rarely a substitute for the more sustained scholarly discussion of a book or print journals. Get familiar with the library's International Film Index and the MLA Index for periodical literature, among others, as well as our textbooks' extensive bibliographies for further reading.


Useful Sites on Film and Film Reviews

Please check out the resource links for specific classes for more focused film links, etc.


Genres, Themes, Directors

Interview Sites


Viewing Guides

Please note that these viewing guides are suggestive only and meant to sharpen your attention to specific features of the film. We will address more theoretical and/or formal questions in our class discussions and through our readings.

Select/Specific Film Comments, Theorists, etc.

Utah, Ogden(ites) and Film (to be developed on Star Date 30332)



Writing About Film, etc.

Check out the following useful websites, as well as the Resources for Teaching Film above, and don't forget the tips in our textbook.

  • A Glossary of Film Terms
  • Bordwell/Thompson, Film Art
  • Corrigan/White, The Film Experience

Film Festivals

Miscellaneous – of Interest

A random list of films (which is, much like this entire page, hopelessly out of date:)

  • Spain — The Spirit of the Beehive (Victor Erice, 1973)
  • Turkey — Distant (2003)
  • Russia — The Italian (2007), Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov, 1929)
  • Documentary — Man on Wire (2008), Restrepo (2010)
  • U.S., Dirty Harry (NYT, Don Siegel, 1971), Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks, 1938), C.S.A. (Kevin Willmott, 2005), The Player (Robert Altman, 1994), Jaws and Tintin's Adventures (Steven Spielberg), Falling Down (Joel Schumacher, 1993), The Descendants (Alexander Payne, 2011), Hugo (Martin Scorsese, 2011), Who's That Knocking at My Door (Martin Scorsese, 1967)
  • Dheepan (2015) <=> M Ondaatje, Anil's Ghost (2000)
    Bollywood and Indian Elections (Con 4/24)
  • Vietnam  — Song Lang I, II (instrument); 

Food Films


last updated, 3 July 2024

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