2019-2020 Metaphor Staff

How to Join the 2019-2020 Metaphor Staff

Metaphor staff members participate in the selection and editing process of all work that appears in the journal, including works of art, music, poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. They may also take part in open mics, the presentation of workshops for area high school students, and as assist in publicity and distribution for the journal. Joining the Metaphor staff gives you excellent editing and publishing experience, opening up a wide field of opportunities for all majors. 

Students interested in joining Metaphor staff may contact us at weberstatemetaphor@gmail.com anytime after the beginning of fall semester 2019. Our meetings will be held on Tuesday's, from 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM, in room EH 215. 

Apply For 19-20 Staff Positions

Use the above link as a guideline for your application, and please send that information to our email address listed above. Please be aware that we prefer staff members to participate in both the fall and the spring, in both club and class formats.


Visit us on Instagram and Facebook @metaphorjournal to see current staff leadership and to stay updated on our events, contests, deadlines, and more!