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The mentor/mentee relationship is a valuable and reciprocal relationship in which both parties gain skills and grow.

Mentors promote involvement and retention throughout the university by assisting peers with academic and personal growth to maximize collegiate success. Mentors inform peers about learning, leadership, and social opportunities to help them in meaningful ways to the campus and community.

Benefits Of Becoming A Peer Mentor

  • Satisfaction of helping students reach their academic and professional goals
  • Recognition from WSU for participation in a leadership role
  • An expanded network of colleagues within the mentor cohort
  • Increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and affirmation of leadership competence
  • Learning new methods for effective communication
  • Specialized training

→Departments With Mentor Programs

The following departments at WSU offer mentoring positions. To apply for a position, please contact the departments below in which you are most interested.

Peer Mentors Program

Peer Mentors build one on one relationships with students and address issues like sense of belonging, involvement, goal setting, values, diversity and other college life topics. We have an awesome team where you get encouraging support for your personal, academic and mentor growth.

Apply: Any student who has attended college for 2 semesters can apply to be a mentor. Curent jobs posted on jobs.weber.edu under "Peer Mentor" requisition number H00050P. Students are interviewed.

Contact: andreasalcedo@weber.edu 

Academic Peer Coaches

Academic Peer Coaches work with students on strategies for academic success. They can help with managing time, using effective study strategies, navigating college, finding campus resources, getting involved, and managing stress.

Apply: Any student can apply to be a mentor.

Openings will be posted on jobs.weber.edu. Applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Contact: Mackenzie Glover mackenzieglover@weber.edu | 801-626-7484

DREAM (Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring)

DREAM Peer Mentors help new students transition to the University by providing tips and suggestions for success.

Apply: Students who are registered with Disability Services may apply to be a mentor. Contact dream@weber.edu and the Disability Services staff will contact you for an interview.

Contact: DREAM@weber.edu | 801-626-6413

First Year Experience Peer Mentors

FYE Peer Mentors are experienced WSU students who help new students successfully adjust to college, both academically and socially. Peer mentors serve as an additional resource for students in the Foundations of College Success (FYE 1105) course by providing announcements related to WSU events and resources, facilitating class discussions, presenting short lessons, and helping to create a learning community.

Apply: Any full-time student with a GPA at or above 2.5 can apply to be a mentor.

Hiring typically occurs during spring and summer semesters for the subsequent fall semester. Apply to be a peer mentor by completing this form and submitting it along with your resume and unofficial transcript to Ariel Olson at arielolson@weber.edu. Applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Contact: Ariel Olson arielolson@weber.edu | 801-626-8761

Housing and Residence Life Living Learning Communities

WSU Housing and Residence Life offers four themed communities with Peer Mentors: eSports, First Year Experience, Outdoor Adventure, and the Latter Day Saint Student Association Community.

Contact: housing@weber.edu

Nontraditional Student Center Peer Mentors

As a Peer Mentor, you will receive ongoing training to help navigate interactions with students. Along with this training, there are staff who are supportive and encouraging to help you succeed in your role as a Peer Mentor, and in your studies as a student as well!

Apply: Any student can apply to be a mentor. Openings will be posted on jobs.weber.edu 

Contact: 801-626-7794 (Ogden Campus) | 801-395-3464 (Davis Campus) | nontrad@weber.du

MORE Mentors

Mentors for Outreach and Retention in Education.

MORE Mentors are experienced students who have been trained by the university to support you as a student, specifically in the Moyes College of Education. MORE Mentors are dedicated to providing current and future college students with advice, motivation, and connections to campus resources.

Find Your Mentor: This program is open to all students.

Apply Online

Contact: MORE@weber.edu

Pre-Health Mentoring

This is a peer to peer group of mentors who help each other in all aspects of preparing to apply to medical shools. A variety of subjects are discussed once a month and guest lecturers are invited as well.

Apply: Anyone who is interested in applying to medical school. Contact preprofessionalclub@weber.edu to apply.

Safe@Weber Peer Educators

Safe@Weber Peer Educators are hourly students who will assist the Women’s Center team in the development and facilitation of Safe@Weber workshops and outreach programs on topics of consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, gender socialization, risk reduction, survivor support, and dynamics of sexual/physical/emotional abuse.

Apply: Any student can apply to be a mentor. Openings will be posted on jobs.weber.edu.

Contact: Mercedes Ziegler, Violence Prevention Coordinator - mercedesziegler@weber.edu


Mentoring High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEEs)