Your 2020 WSU Medical Academy Student Mentors

Get to know your directors & their favorite part about Weber State!


Talia Swanke (President)

The supportive environment from professors and from classmates.
Talia is a double major in biochemistry and psychology who loves to learn! Talia has been a part of medical academy for five years now. She believes that medicine is universal and it is a way to help no matter the circumstance. Two hobbies of hers are cooking and eating! Her pre-med advice is to make friends, join clubs, and be as involved as possible. 

Carson Clark

The small class sizes.
Carson is a psychology major with a passion for mental healthcare and helping the underrepresented. He hopes to gain leadership experience as a director of medical academy. A hobby of his is building PCs. His pre-med advice is to save elective credits for med school prereqs.

Isaac Bell

The students. Weber State students seem to know how to get the job done right.
Isaac was inspired to be a microbiology major by Dr. Culumber. He hopes to gain leadership experience and to help future students succeed in areas where he has fallen short. Isaac is pursuing medicine because he is grateful for the two heart surgeons who saved his father's life several years ago. A hobby of his is snowboarding. His pre-med advice is to meet with one of the College of Science advisors!

Rylie Howard

It is so easy to get involved!
Rylie is a psychology major who wants to help people in their time of need. She would love to gain leadership skills as a director of medical academy. She attended the camp the summer after her high school graduation and strives to help attendees like the counselors that helped her. Her pre-med advice is to do something because you are passionate about it, not because it will look good on an application.

Alma Kaneshiro

The ability to form really good relationships with your professors and peers.
Alma has wanted to be a microbiology major since she was 12! She believes that the biggest impact you can have on the world is to make someone's day to day easier. She is looking forward to gaining leadership experience and showing potential pre-med students what being a student is like. Her pre-med advice is to find people who are on the same path as you.

Kenzie Isaacson

Developing friendships with amazing classmates and professors.
Kenzie is a microbiology major that loves Weber State, medicine and helping the community! She would like to gain more fun memories and skills from medical academy. People are her favorite and she hopes to care for them in ways others can't. In her free time, she likes watching sports, especially soccer. Her pre-med advice is to never be afraid or ashamed to ask a question!

Taylor Wilko

Small class sizes allow for students to regularly interact with their professors.
Taylor is a zoology major who feels that medical knowledge gives him a greater sense of control. He wants to go out of his way to help others and provide opportunities to pre-med students that he never had. A hobby of his is playing the guitar! His pre-med advice is to get a general outline of coursework and information about the various specialties in medicine.

Corbin Dicus

The diversity and friendly atmosphere.
Corbin is a psychology major who loves learning about the brain and the processes it completes. He is looking forward to leadership opportunities as well as sharing knowledge of resources available to students. He would like to help others in the way that he has been helped. A hobby of his is volleyball. His pre-med advice is to be patient because you learn more as time goes on.


Student Counselors

& their favorite part about Weber State!

Preston Capener

The size. It is easy to get to know people on a personal level.


Ali Horsfall

Being a part of student involvement.


Coleman Barnson

The most caring professors.


Alex Fishburn

I like how nice and friendly all of the professors are.


Sam Brailsford

The atmosphere and relationships you're able to form due to small class sizes.

Jake Tayon

The small classes and easy access to the professors.


Kayden Parker

The location and opportunities it provides to its students


Nathan Wold

The beautiful campus at the base of the rocky mountains.




Clayton Winn

The opportunities.


Colette Mortensen

I love the personalized faculty attention.


Kylie Goodwin

The location and small class sizes!


Kade Peterson

The great professors.


Brenen Halliday

The class size! I can always make great relationships with my professors. They really want their students to succeed.


Hailey Call

The professors, they all want you to be successful and they all really enjoy what they do.


Kylee Strate

I love just being at school, hanging out with the coolest students and professors. They are hard workers and ready to take on the world!


Kelton Friedel