Sport Coaching Leadership

Acquire content knowledge, sport coaching methodologies and enhance individual coaching in the area of sport.

What You’ll Learn

The Master of Education with an emphasis in Sport Coaching Leadership is a professional program intended to provide sport coaches to acquire content knowledge, sport coaching methodologies and enhance their individual coaching in the area of sport. Students will be encouraged to grow and reflect on their perceptions of sport coaching and the importance of each subject matter in the coaching and learning of their future student-athletes. In addition, students enrolled in this program will be expected to demonstrate effective, entry-level sport coaching in each area. A concentration on “inclusionary” based development and implementation including race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity/gender expression, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, nationality, and athletes with disabilities will be included to build a foundation of skills to maximize learning and potential awareness as a leader in sport. 

What You Can Do

Sport coaching leaders will develop competencies to work with diverse groups of individuals and demonstrate professionalism and leadership to athletes, administrators, assistant coaches, support staff, sports medicine professionals, parents, and the media. Examining how to develop a safe sport environment through proper training principles and procedures and developing awareness of common injuries will lead to better leaders in the support field in which the student-athlete comes first. Students will have the opportunity to develop and enact an athlete-centered coaching philosophy and understand and implement developmentally appropriate principles associated with long-term athlete development. Engagement in and support of ethical practices and abiding by codes of conduct within sport coaching and coaching contexts will lead to a committed coach/leader who models, teaches and reinforces ethical behavior with future student-athletes. Through experiences within the community, students will know the skills and elements of skill combinations, develop and utilize pedagogical strategies, and use appropriate motivational techniques to enhance athlete performance and engagement during practices and competitions. 

Common careers for graduates:

  • Athletic Director
  • Athlete Development Specialist
  • Operations Manager

Degree Requirements

You must fulfill the following requirements to earn your degree:

  • Completion of the 36 credit-hour program which consists of 9 credit hours of foundation courses, 18 credit hours of professional core specific to educational technology and 3 credit hours of graduate electives. 
  • Completion of a master's project/thesis for final 6 credit-hours.
  • Grade of at least a B- in all foundation courses (Coursework in which Ds, Es or UWs are earned is unacceptable and could result in removal from the program if the problem persists.)
  • Overall Weber State University GPA of 3.0

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